easy off roading?

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madison lee
easy off roading?

i decided to switch it up and buy a 1995 ranger, so now its time to search for places to see what its capable of! it has a 6 inch lift and is sitting on 35's at the moment. i've been up spruston and the timberland pits, but i'm looking for something different, and on the easier side, so i can figure out how it handles off road in comparison to my jeep. the closer to nanaimo the better, however all suggestions are welcome! thanks in advance.

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It’s not super close, but Mt. Arrowsmith has a ton of fun roads and trails. Drive to the Mt. Arrowsmith trailhead, and then just keep driving up and you’ll find some nice logging roads. It’s probably still snowy this time of year too.

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Nanaimo Lakes Road area is always an option. You can try NW Bay Logging Road too in Nanoose. Haven't been to that one but you do have to sign in there, and actually Nanaimo Lakes too.

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Also hill 60 FSR

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madison lee

sweet thanks guys!! i'll look into all of those :)

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I usually start at the 155 Main gate (NW Bay) and explore around. You can check what times it opens and closes on the Mosiac website.

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I'd check out boulder lake. You can also check out which gates are opened through mosaic: https://www.mosaicforests.com/access#currentaccessagreements-mosaic

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