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Steve Redden
Help Wanted

Looking to find someone in Langford or Metchosin area That has property with power interested in building cargo conversion camper for themselves and for myself. I have plans for the cabinets myself and the owner of a large CNC manufacturing Cabinet company have designed Marine Grade plywood Units to fit all size cargo trailers and most pickups for slide-outs under bed, kitchen/stove/fridge etc. (We are still working on the Truck Bed designs) I also have just got my 1999 1500 LT 4x4 5.3 Litre Silverado from my fathers estate and have started breaking brake nipples and other things I may need when I'm in the Woods. So I'm looking for parts and affordable mechanical and body help. I am retired and plan to camp and fish forever. I'm on a tight budget atm but would like to get started on anything that gets me closer to the Woods. 1. Truck first, new callipers, ball joints, fix large hole in middle of box where goose neck hitch was removed, remove easy out that broke off inside rear bleeder valve for brakes or replace callipers. Find cheap canopy and boat loader for truck (box about 6'5" long?) install decent trailer hitch and wire for trailer, install camera's alarm etc. 2. Cargo Trailer Conversion 3. Bigger Boat. I have tons of tools mostly carpentry but live in a trailer park and am not permitted to do anything major where I live. Ideal would be 1 person that could help with everything but any help is appreciated. Thanks... Steve AKA Unit1

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