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Parting out a CJ

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Boneyard Lake timelapse

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Snow is starting to accumulate

Snow is starting to accumulate

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some people on my Facebook page ( Kludahk Trail) sent me the picture on a ski trip up to the trail on Friday night. I asked the page members to keep an eye on it and to report any suspicious activity and also to post pics of anyone messing with it. A lots of people pass by that area often on trips up to the Kludahk trail

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Friday Feb 23 hibernating for the winter

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It is a lesson you will re-live for years to come. Yours will not be the first vehicle to be left up there until the thaw in June. A human trait is curiosity to go around just one more corner...and when you get to the next corner you can wait to see what is around the next and so on.

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I got stuck in snow about 10 years ago up near Wye Lake. Walked about 10 km down the mountain to Diversion Dam. There were people fishing in the river below the dam but unfortunately they were parked on the side of the dam opposite where I was.Yelled down to them my situation and that it was now about 4 pm and would be getting dark soon. Being awesome people they drove down fore bay main to Jordan river then back up Jordan main to pick me up then drive me back to Langford.I am forever grateful to those people who ever they are...friends Drove back up to my Cherokee the next day made repairs then drove it out. It was an odd breakdown. got high centered on some snow at the crest of a hill.Didn't have a shovel. Instead used a snowshoe as a shovel and spent a very long time clearing the snow around the jeep.Still couldn't get out. Revved the shit out of the engine trying to rock back and forth and ended up blowing a frost plug right out of the block. End of game right there. Brought up and expandable frost plug the next day and some water and used buddies truck to pull out.

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if you want help we could go today why not post your phone number so that people who can help have a way of contacting you. can you post photos of what it looks like stuck the conditions etc.

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