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Boneyard Lake timelapse

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Snow is starting to accumulate

Snow is starting to accumulate

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I recognize it.

Its on Caycuse main off Southshore road. Left side of Caycuse main.

Those Ancient Forest Alliance people hang the carrot all the time. "oh we found a huge tree" the location with remain secret though.

They found a huge Douglas Fir they named Big Lonely Doug. they never told anyone where it is located.
I found it about 1 year ago by accident. It was on the opposite side of a Valley I was on picking berries. One day Ill head down the pother side of valley to go see it. It has a large clear-cut around it and it was left probably as a natural seed tree.

2 weeks 4 days ago in mossy maple grove past lake cow

then why don't you explain what you are looking for because Maple Grove is about 40 minutes past Lake Cowichan if you drive the speed limit

2 weeks 6 days ago in mossy maple grove past lake cow
3 weeks 2 days ago in mossy maple grove past lake cow

Sounds like someone wants to go see the old powerhouse.

1 month 3 weeks ago in Lubbe lake

That post contains some inaccurate info. You will not hear logging truck drivers on Ladd Channels.They will be on dedicated channels of what ever company they are hauling for. If they are on RR roads they will be on what ever channel is used on that particular road.The Province is set up with about 36 RR Channels for forest service and mining roads.I have about 65 different channels programmed into my radios. Various logging company road channels, all the RR channels Ladd 1-4 and Alberta 1-4 and 3 weather channels

2 months 3 weeks ago in VHF radio