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Snow is starting to accumulate

Snow is starting to accumulate

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Sounds like someone wants to go see the old powerhouse.

2 weeks 1 day ago in Lubbe lake

That post contains some inaccurate info. You will not hear logging truck drivers on Ladd Channels.They will be on dedicated channels of what ever company they are hauling for. If they are on RR roads they will be on what ever channel is used on that particular road.The Province is set up with about 36 RR Channels for forest service and mining roads.I have about 65 different channels programmed into my radios. Various logging company road channels, all the RR channels Ladd 1-4 and Alberta 1-4 and 3 weather channels

1 month 2 weeks ago in VHF radio

the mines are from the late 1800s into the early 20th century they didnt use stell magazines like they do now. No evidence of anything exploding up there

Like the mines at Mineral Creek /port Alberni old old old

2 months 4 weeks ago in Had a little fun in Duncan

The brick entrance is small. Its like a room for keeping something in possibly explosives.. the coords are all bang on . When Ive gone out looking for mines and limestone caves I get accurate data from right at the entrances.

2 months 4 weeks ago in Had a little fun in Duncan

Yep that YouTube vid is the one I was referring to.

here are some other Sicker Mines and Holes some are shafts surrounded by chain link use caution and don't be heroes if you fall in you will be dead then head up the Mtn

N48 52.033 W123 47.367

N48 52.528 W123 47.332

N48 52.117 W123 47.317

N48 52.035 W123 47.212

N48 51.880 W123 46.885

these way point are accurate to within 2 metres I averaged them out onsite with my gps for about an hour

For those of you who don't know what to do with these way-point gets your self a handheld mapping GPS enter the coords in and your GPS will take you to the door of the mines.

Some of these mines are easier to get to using the back door to Mt Sicker.
West on Hwy 18 towards lake cowichan turn right on Hillcrest road turn right before you get to the Chemainus River park at the end of the road

2 months 4 weeks ago in Had a little fun in Duncan