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Probably going to be an uphill ride for you getting an authorized and license shop/mechanic to lie and put his livelihood on the line. The inspections also cover many other things so you should be aware that they may find other stuff. Good luck.

3 years 9 months ago in out of province inspection

We really dont need people like you "hacking your way to a beach" Its acts like that that damage the terrain and the image of normal users. Drive a few hours down the 101 to Long beach Washington or to Gearhart Oregon and you can drive on the beaches all day long like I did the other day. This speeded up video covers 22km of beach driving in Gearhart Oregon only 5 or 6 hours south of Port Angeles. If you want to drive farther on a Beach head to Longbeach Washington where you can drive about 45 km along a beach. Oh and road rules apply on the beach no dumb-ass stuff allowed because the cops will get you.

3 years 9 months ago in Drive right up to the ocean?

some people on my Facebook page ( Kludahk Trail) sent me the picture on a ski trip up to the trail on Friday night. I asked the page members to keep an eye on it and to report any suspicious activity and also to post pics of anyone messing with it. A lots of people pass by that area often on trips up to the Kludahk trail

4 years 4 months ago in Missing Person 4 Wheeler

Friday Feb 23 hibernating for the winter

4 years 4 months ago in Missing Person 4 Wheeler

It is a lesson you will re-live for years to come. Yours will not be the first vehicle to be left up there until the thaw in June. A human trait is curiosity to go around just one more corner...and when you get to the next corner you can wait to see what is around the next and so on.

4 years 4 months ago in Missing Person 4 Wheeler