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We have a small crew headed out shawnigan oliphant bamberton way tomorrow. Ive been there once or twice, but if anyone wants to come who knows some good runs etc, they would be more than welcome!
We are meeting at the shell at steve drane harley davidson on the way out of Victoria At 9am, leaving at 10 most likely. The more the merrier!

6 years 4 months ago in New to V.I. and looking for easy trails

Most definitely. We are going out on sunday i think,more the merrier.
Im surprised i havnt seen the orca around town! Is it just a bush baby? Or your daily?

6 years 4 months ago in Hello!!

I think we have some guys going out this sunday... shrdcrw is going im pretty sure. we would be leaving from Victoria.

6 years 4 months ago in stocker/beginner

Im new to this forum, but a wheelin and dealin type of camping trip sounds great! I may try to tag along if thats alright with all you guys!

6 years 4 months ago in so got brakes steering and insurance lets go camping/ wheeling may long!

I am a welder fabricator myself and am in the process of making my own full bumper set. About halfway through the front, whichbos the most complex by far. Thr rock sliders/fender bars are next, then the rear. My Dakota has the full skid plate package as it is, but i will also make a 'tacoma style ' front skid plate to complete the coverage.
Im lucky cause my boss is ok with me using scrap, so tjis is essentially free for me. Raw materials arnt too pricy if you can get them through your shop. Then its just your time, anf thats not so bad!!

6 years 4 months ago in Home built bumpers