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Trails around Cowichan Valley

Author: Ranger Guy
Views: 20
Replies: 1
Updated 8 hours 30 min ago by Ranger Guy

Weekday trips

Author: Justhopp
Views: 86
Replies: 5
Updated 21 hours 32 min ago by Out4aRip

Easy Trails around Shawnigan Lake

Author: YVRXterra
Views: 59
Replies: 3
Updated 1 day 7 hours ago by Out4aRip

Tugwell Lake, anyone been to it lately? Can wheelers still get there?

Author: Out4aRip
Views: 416
Replies: 13
Updated 1 day 15 hours ago by Jay

Carmanah walbran still open

Author: Lancer101
Views: 55
Replies: 4
Updated 1 day 19 hours ago by Lancer101

Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

Author: theshanergy
Views: 9,385
Replies: 81
Updated 1 day 19 hours ago by Out4aRip bumper stickers

Author: theshanergy
Views: 8,819
Replies: 106
Updated 3 days 1 hour ago by Butch

looking for a lake fairly close to nanaimo

Author: kingg5
Views: 189
Replies: 5
Updated 5 days 12 hours ago by Beer-n-Meat

Summertime Access in Cowichan valley?

Author: HeliRy
Views: 238
Replies: 18
Updated 6 days 11 hours ago by Butch

Has anybody run the Backroad Maps Garmin GPS maps?

Author: Out4aRip
Views: 234
Replies: 9
Updated 6 days 22 hours ago by Jay

Tips for the North Island (Gold River to Cape Scott-ish)

Views: 195
Replies: 4
Updated 1 week 15 hours ago by Butch

NEW to the island!!! OOP time...

Author: canadianwesty
Views: 52
Replies: 0
Updated 1 week 2 days ago by canadianwesty
New the VIO intro

'99 Jeep Cherokee

Author: Samsquanch
Views: 262
Replies: 15
Updated 2 weeks 8 hours ago by Samsquanch

Campbell River Areas

Author: hargreaves_a
Views: 74
Replies: 1
Updated 2 weeks 21 hours ago by Beer-n-Meat

Anyone been to Crofton Lake?

Author: Out4aRip
Views: 191
Replies: 6
Updated 2 weeks 1 day ago by Ashis27
Jordon River to Bear Creek Reservoir

Jordon River to Bear Creek Reservoir

Author: Out4aRip
Views: 934
Replies: 31
Updated 2 weeks 1 day ago by Jay
Nitnat Caves

Nitnat Caves (Looper Creek Canyon)

Author: theshanergy
Views: 4,114
Replies: 21
Updated 2 weeks 1 day ago by hargreaves_a

Smittybuilt winches

Author: Old smokey
Views: 219
Replies: 18
Updated 2 weeks 1 day ago by Butch
bombardier. it is as small as a tracker.

tires whats all the fuss?

Author: localguru
Views: 4,229
Replies: 37
Updated 2 weeks 4 days ago by Webgpn