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Rheinhart lake

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Google Earth, imagination and the desire to get there.

There are also different GPS type apps you can put on your phone that show air photos and your place on them, record your tracks and distances travelled.....simple and a great tool

11 months 2 weeks ago in Trail app or website

Tie rod was spagetti'd and the idler arm on that side was bent up pretty good.....got it bent back down with the use of 2 hi-lift jacks.....good enough for him to back road it home.....he is gonna build a double shear set up for it.
He was definately using that tracker hard :)

11 months 2 weeks ago in Sunday March 6th

few more

11 months 2 weeks ago in Sunday March 6th

It was a good day of wheelin'....one broke truck and one broken window

11 months 2 weeks ago in Sunday March 6th

You wont make the blue or the red in that vehicle as those routes get rougher than what your truck can do and will likely lead to you having a real bad day (i.e. rescue)......
The green route is standard logging road (C branch), there may be a locked gate about 3/4 ways up in the clear cut at top.....sometimes its locked and sometimes not.

An interesting spot on the green route is an old hard rock gold mine......where the green line runs north and then almost does a 180 turn, come back from that to the junction that you dont have marked that heads northwest, then come back from that maybe 100-200m and there will be an old road that heads up to the right (basically between the green lines is a ravine if you zoom in) at the end of this road is a small tight landing (may be tight to turn that truck around at) over the edge of landing is a rope, climb down and look upstream to the entrance to Dead Horse Mine.

Havent been in it myself.....had my daughter with me when I got there and would be too difficult/dangerous for her to try, but have seen pictures.

11 months 2 weeks ago in Mount DeCosmos

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