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Rheinhart lake

The "GREEN BASTARD" 4Runner build

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2nd Annual Modified Run Branch 22 Sproat Lake Ridge

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Cheap GPS for iphone users that works great

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Procomp 3" inch lift for 86 to 95 truck for sale

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Hey Welshy or Beer n Meat

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Well its been a while since the last update and I have wheeled this thing hard......it is finally time to roll it into garage and make some major changes and upgrades.
Time for some new power
'99 4.3L motor and a TH350 with a reverse manual valvebody, I will be wiring it with a stand alone Howell engine harness.
Minor suspension tweaks
Possibly need new gears in the front after the last trip out (something is making noise)

Put some small tires on to make it a bit lower and easier to work on.....looks funny with tiny boots.
Cut the whole front off as I want to tube it and dove the front end
New motor and tranny combo....doing some upkeep, gaskets, cleaning etc... before she goes in

So far just sorting out lots of little parts etc... and figuring out what can be deleted.

3 years 1 week ago in The "GREEN BASTARD" 4Runner build

Google Earth, imagination and the desire to get there.

There are also different GPS type apps you can put on your phone that show air photos and your place on them, record your tracks and distances travelled.....simple and a great tool

4 years 3 weeks ago in Trail app or website

Tie rod was spagetti'd and the idler arm on that side was bent up pretty good.....got it bent back down with the use of 2 hi-lift jacks.....good enough for him to back road it home.....he is gonna build a double shear set up for it.
He was definately using that tracker hard :)

4 years 3 weeks ago in Sunday March 6th

few more

4 years 3 weeks ago in Sunday March 6th

It was a good day of wheelin'....one broke truck and one broken window

4 years 3 weeks ago in Sunday March 6th

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