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Monday / Tuesday

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B&M's XJ fun.

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Sunday March 6th

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Sunday Dec 13th

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Island Timberlands gates set to re-open

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I ran 35" Cooper STT Pros for a long time and loved them. I never found any terrain they didn't do well in.
I'm currently running 38" TSL SX swampers and they arent terrible on the road, just takes a few blocks to get them round again after sitting for a week. (trail rig)

4 years 9 months ago in tires

I'm really liking the 7.2:1 Shane especially with the auto, I actually walk faster than the jeep at idle and it's great for going down steep terrain. Next on the list is to wrap it in some tube.

4 years 11 months ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Wow a year since I updated this thread, a lot has happened over the past year with the Jeep but have only been out 2 times in the past 8 months.

After smearing the roof line pretty good I decided to cut the back off, I wanted to scab the back of an MJ onto it but I couldn't find a decent cab for a good price so plan B was to reuse the back of the Cherokee that was cut off, not the look I was going for, but it's growing on me. Also moved the fuel tank up in the process.

I also decided to replace the Tcase after blowing the output shaft on the stock NP231. I decided I was going to put in a big cast Dana300 flipped and twin sticked.
After some debate and some really good timing I found a crawlbox kit for a great price.
I had a spare 231 on the garage floor so I decided to cut it in half and attach the planetary section to the Dana300 giving me a 7.2:1 low/low
Turned out to be a lot of work as what was left of the 231 also had to be flipped upside down.
Had to rebuild the trans tunnel to fit all the extra hardware and also the shifters. I wasn't able to locate a 231 flip ring (because who does that?) so I had to make a jig and redrill the transmission (I didn't like that part, it scared the shit out of me)

Finally ditched the stock axles and went with a D44/60 combo, got a great deal on the set still under a daily. I ended up rebuilding them completely minus gears as they were in great shape and the 4:11s would work with the auto. (Doesn't see much pavement) TnT truss kit for the front, some 14" travel shocks, new brake lines etc.
I also traded my 35s for something a little bigger.

4 years 11 months ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Casey over at Trail Scales is awesome

5 years 1 week ago in Armor

There is only one that i can think of that's NOT stock friendly.

5 years 3 months ago in Barsby Lake