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B&M's XJ fun.

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Sunday March 6th

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Sunday Dec 13th

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Island Timberlands gates set to re-open

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Easter 2015

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Dont need to be mechanically inclined really unless you're doing engine work. It's just nuts and bolts. I dont have alot of free time...I barely have time to work on my own Jeep but would gladly help where I can or at the very least offer some guidance. I'm also in Nanaimo and own a doesn't look much like a Cherokee anymore though.

2 months 3 weeks ago in Jeep XJ Mechanics Out There?

I suggest you stay out of the Bush until mid/late September.

6 months 1 week ago in Looking for some trails!

We had an absolute blast in PR, the guys and gals over there really know how to put on a show. We'll be going back for sure.

6 months 3 weeks ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Double post.

6 months 3 weeks ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Some pics from our May long weekend in Powell River.

6 months 3 weeks ago in B&M's XJ fun.