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92 Jeep XJ - 6.5" lift - 33" TSL Super Swampers - locked - 10,000lb Warn - onboard air.

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B&M's XJ fun.

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Sunday March 6th

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Sunday Dec 13th

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Island Timberlands gates set to re-open

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Easter 2015

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New parts showed up mid week, installed this afternoon. I went with the JCR over the knuckle kit and this thing is beefy as fuck.
I've got a hole in my passenger side floor that a 4" round punched through last time I was out that's going to get patched.
I've got some new rock lights and switches to mount and I also want to cut some holes in the new front bumper for some flush mount off road lights.

11 hours 6 sec ago in B&M's XJ fun.

I'm installing the new steering setup this weekend, after that my pavement whoas should be non existent and I won't have any problems travelling that far.
I will join you on the next one Erik.

1 day 16 hours ago in Saturday run.

Not a good place to discuss this IMO, maybe take this to PM.

1 week 6 days ago in Lubbe lake

I've decided its time to upgrade my stock shit, so it's coming off and being replaced with JCRs 1ton over the knuckle setup.
Hopefully have it here this week but I doubt it.

2 weeks 4 days ago in Nanaimo stock friendly

I'd love to join you, but I have some steering issues I have to take care of. Not going to get out this weekend.

2 weeks 5 days ago in Nanaimo stock friendly