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92 Jeep XJ - 6.5" lift - 33" TSL Super Swampers - locked - 10,000lb Warn - onboard air.

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B&M's XJ fun.

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Sunday March 6th

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Sunday Dec 13th

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Island Timberlands gates set to re-open

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Easter 2015

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Ya after the B.S some of the offroading "clubs" caused down there, the owner was forced to lock it down.
You are still allowed in there but only if you hike in, ride a horse in, or ride your bike in.

2 days 15 hours ago in Easy Trails around Shawnigan Lake

Doesn't look like your rig is very road friendly, but if you ever want to come and do some trails in the Nanaimo area shoot me a PM.
I'm out almost every Sunday but will be down until its not so hot and dry out.

I can keep you busy from morning until well past dark.
If you check out my thread B&M's XJ fun you can see the sort of shit I like to do.

Shoot me a PM if you're ever interested.

3 days 20 hours ago in "Clark main"

I was speaking of 1, 2 is more of a swamp.
You can't camp lakeside, or at least you couldn't when I was there last, but there's a spot just up on the road where you can setup shop.

5 days 14 hours ago in looking for a lake fairly close to nanaimo

I'm not from the area, but have wheeled there a handful if times and did some great trails. If you can get some information regarding the rock garden thats a great place to visit. Sorry I can't tell you how to get there as I wasn't running my GPS when I was there and have no clue. If you're on Facebook look up "Comox valley jeep club" great group and most willing to take you out or at least explain how to get to some of the trail heads.

2 weeks 23 hours ago in Campbell River Areas

It really comes down to how much it gets used, my experience tells me a winch that never gets used will not work when you need it.
I know people who have cheaped out on winches but they get used all the time and always seem to perform.
I know people who have spent a full buck on top notch Warn industry winches and they fail because they never get used.

Don't kid yourself Warn winches fail, they just have a really good warranty.
Most winch failures are either electrical (failed solenoids), seized planetary gears from not being maintained, or failed motor, again from lack of maintenance, if you dip your winch into water its a good practice to disassemble it clean it, water does nasty things to grease and the planetary gears do not like that, same as the motor, its metal inside and if it takes a big drink of water and then sits for months not being used, it will rust, and we all know what rust does.

If you purchase a winch and don't use it, you should at least unspool and run it maybe once a month.

2 weeks 3 days ago in Smittybuilt winches