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B&M's XJ fun.

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Sunday March 6th

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Sunday Dec 13th

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Island Timberlands gates set to re-open

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Easter 2015

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there are absolutely no off roading groups allowed onto private lands, gates in certain areas are open over the weekends but ATV and snowmobiles are still restricted at this point regardless of what anyone tells you. The only way to get a key and have access is if you are a minor/prospector or if you have a firewood permit and the key will cost you upwards of $500.00 a year, or like stated above you can access the land on the weekends.

"quoted from TW blog"

Unauthorized Access:
Unless otherwise noted in this blog, all of Island Timberlands' Property is closed to the public during the week, this includes hunting. Unauthorized access, at any time, will not be tolerated and mobile Security patrols are active 24/7 to enforce this policy.
Unless otherwise authorized, ATV's and Snow Mobiles are not permitted on Island Timberlands Property. In addition, campfires, camping and off-roading are not permitted. Please respect the environment and keep your vehicles on the main travelled roads at all times.

Here a link for closures/openings

1 day 6 hours ago in suffering from confusion of the TimberWest GODS

I replaced mine with seats from a WJ, the seat bracket from yours will bolt directly to the WJ seats making them a direct bolt on. Grand Cherokee (ZJ) seats are also a direct bolt on.
The WJ seats sit about an inch taller which I liked.
If you get WJ seats with power options you'll have to fab up your own brackets if you want to keep the power options. I just used some angle iron welded to original WJ brackets, then its just a matter of adding power/ground.

6 days 22 hours ago in 1986 Jeep Cherokee - noob upgrades, fixes, etc

No mention of it on the website, pissed off logging company performing illegal closures?

1 week 19 hours ago in Koksilah River / Old Renfrew Road access blocked.

The only way I know, you have to go to Shenton lake via "Highway mans trail", then go south which puts you behind the gates. Not stock/full size friendly.

1 week 6 days ago in Nanaimo Lakes and Green Mountian winter access

Ya Fire and EMS were down there after about 30 trucks rolled in there and one guy in a Jeep tried backing up the wall for a poser shot and ended up falling over on his roof.
Driver was knocked unconscious and the passenger I think suffered 2 broken ribs.

Its a popular spot for the locals to go and swim, but because it's private land the owner doesn't want 30 rigs rolling up and doing stupid shit, it will eventually get closed down, which wrecks it for ALOT of people, not just off roaders. people hike, swim, ride horses etc. up there.

We just got to be smart about how we conduct ourselves when we are out, and keep trail heads / locations to private land locations to PMs.

2 weeks 3 days ago in The Qarry and other routes