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First Lake

Some Pictures

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Sunday Run-day

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Weekday Explorers

Weekday Explorers

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Saturday Pictures

Saturday Pictures

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Nanaimo Area Run Tomorrow

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That's funny because I always thought my ZJ lacked in parts but the WJ is a great platform and has a good amount of options too. Smoother on road ride and offroad options. I liked the size for sleeping in for someone my size and the fact that overall you don't care how it looks at the end of the day.

If I remember correctly, the WJ and ZJ transfer cases may not be interchangeable. Great Facebook groups for those two vehicles though. Learned a lot that way.

This makes me miss bashing my ZJ around the island!

8 months 2 weeks ago in FULL TIME 4WD

I think it's manufacturers or eras of the transfer case.

The np231 is lighter, comes from XJs and possibly TJs, has slightly different options than the np242 which is more common, and traditionally in the 4.0 ZJs. Still has similar selections though.

8 months 2 weeks ago in FULL TIME 4WD

I had a 97 ZJ as well. The TSI model is just badging and rims. A lot of people do transfer case swaps for better lockers and whatnot. You can only put lockers in either the front or rear, can't remember which it is. But you can do just fine dropping it into 4Low and good tires. Depends how hardcore you want to go.

8 months 3 weeks ago in FULL TIME 4WD

What's the vehicle?

My 97 ZJ had it with a LSD. It was 4 all time, then high and low. For what I did around the island it seemed to work pretty good. Never got stuck because of it, got stuck for other reasons though :)

8 months 3 weeks ago in FULL TIME 4WD

There is a Facebook group for this site, Vancouver Island Off Road with almost 3000 members. There's only so many of us that check in around here. Still lots of good info tucked away in here though.

1 year 1 month ago in Newbie Question....Port Renfrew-->Wallbran--->Bamfield-->Port Alberni