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Hitting the road with Shane...

Not So "Stock Friendly" Run with Shanergy

Author: Moose
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Stock Friendly Run This Weekend?

Author: Moose
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Lance made it to the top, I got stuck where he is in that pic.

Weekend Trip with Lancer101

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Stock Trail Runs?

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New Member and New to BC/Vancouver Island

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It certainly isn't meant for this but I think we'd agree it surprised us with its 4x4 capabilities/technology. Unfortunately there is almost no aftermarket support in North America to lift it or modify it (since I already own this vehicle) and I am not handy enough to Macguyver it into something.

6 days 19 hours ago in Not So "Stock Friendly" Run with Shanergy

Anywhere really! Happy to travel too... I'm in Nanaimo if that helps.

1 week 4 days ago in Stock Friendly Run This Weekend?

Welcome to the forum, I'm new to the Island but it seems there are good people here to show you around.

Saw that Jeep online when it was up for sale, looks real nice! Good buy.

3 weeks 1 day ago in Another Newbie

Incredible spot and pictures, thanks for sharing! Always down for a stock run too, maybe we can set something up soon!

3 weeks 1 day ago in Duncan / Cowichan stock friendly trail run tomorrow Sunday March 31st

Welcome to the forum!

Sweet ride, those 4runners can't be stopped. I'm going to be picking up an XJ soon but new to the Nanaimo area. If you're ever up this way you can always drop me a message.

4 months 4 weeks ago in New Member Alert *Griffy from Shawnigan*