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Sunday Run-day

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Weekday Explorers

Weekday Explorers

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First Lake

Some Pictures

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Saturday Pictures

Saturday Pictures

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Nanaimo Area Run Tomorrow

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Haha, Jonathan usually has the inside scoop here but I've heard of some decent traveling near Kennedy Lake.

2 days 19 hours ago in Camping near Tofino

Man, you out in some work on that thing. Looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing it in person one of these days!

4 days 20 hours ago in CJ-8 Build

Fun day out there finding our way around South Cowichan.

Got turned around at some downed logs so we hit up Tadjiss Lake and the lookout. Conquered the rock to get there. Got turned around by a gate which added an extra adventure but that's how it goes sometimes

1 week 1 hour ago in Sunday Run-day

Heard good things about Cedar Tire. Also, depends what you're looking for. I always found Kal Tire's prices to be a bit high. Canadian Tire has a good warranty I think.

You can look online at or Quattro tires too.

1 week 2 days ago in Tires

That will work Justin! I only have a 3.5 inch lift myself.

1 week 2 days ago in Sunday Run-day