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Jeep XJ Mechanics Out There?

Author: Moose
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New Member and New to BC/Vancouver Island

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Welcome to the forum!

Sweet ride, those 4runners can't be stopped. I'm going to be picking up an XJ soon but new to the Nanaimo area. If you're ever up this way you can always drop me a message.

2 months 3 weeks ago in New Member Alert *Griffy from Shawnigan*

I didn't come here with tools but will be scanning amazon, Canadian Tire, Home Depot etc. to keep an eye on some tools. I don't really have a garage, well not really, I don't haha. Renting an basement unit while we find something more permanent in the new year.

Good to know that maybe it won't be as difficult as I think? When I finalize the purchase I'll post pictures and go from there. I'm sure between you guys and YouTube I can get far enough.

Offer is always on the table though guys :)

2 months 3 weeks ago in Jeep XJ Mechanics Out There?

Hey Adrian,

Just moved to Nanaimo myself and planning to get a 4x4 that's stock as well. Maybe see you out there sometime. Welcome to the forum as well.

3 months 1 week ago in New member

This is all great information... Seems like CB was preferred at first but now it's gone to this VHF. Does anyone know where you can do this course to get licensed or installed?

3 months 1 week ago in VHF radio