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Stock Friendly Run This Weekend?

Author: Moose
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Updated 10 months 2 weeks ago by Moose
Lance made it to the top, I got stuck where he is in that pic.

Weekend Trip with Lancer101

Author: Moose
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Updated 11 months 4 days ago by fx4
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Stock Trail Runs?

Author: Moose
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Updated 11 months 1 week ago by Lancer101
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New Member and New to BC/Vancouver Island

Author: Moose
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Updated 1 year 3 months ago by fx4

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Always have a soft spot for trackers. Such cool rigs. Awesome looking build and rig. Maybe we'll see that out on the trails sometime and see what it can do.

2 months 1 week ago in Trackick's Tracker

Incredible find and pics Shane. Thanks for posting this up. Looks like this is gonna be a good one come summer.

2 months 2 weeks ago in Mt Arrowsmith

Awesome looking Yota. Would be cool to see more pictures of your rigs and adventures!

3 months 4 weeks ago in F.O.ReaLiving’s 2012 4runner limited

I agree with Jonathan, buy yourself a bush rig. I took my daily out and it's still got it's pinstriping. I bought a cheap rig and it's been worth every penny. You can find lots of cheap builds online.

If you want to run some logging roads though, I suggest the Hill 60 area. Or, just take some logging roads and explore. See how far you get.

Also recommend buying a backroads mapbook!

4 months 1 week ago in Trail recommendation

Sorry Quaag, never explored that area.

5 months 3 weeks ago in Sooke Trails