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Andrew Daws
New to the group

Hi all,

New to this group, currently live up in Revy but looking where we want to move too for our retirement home/base. Have a lightly modified Land Rover D100 being finished off, so will be needing some decent trails to stretch it’s legs on. Currently thinking we like the look of Campbell River area.... open to suggestions.

Pic of my rig for attention....

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David bade
Ladysmith BC

Hey 👋 Andy, welcome shoot me a message when you’re on the island. I’ll hit some
Trails with ya. Cheers 🍻

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The island is awesome top to bottom. Way less gates up that way but further from other cities (if you need them for whatever reason). Can't go wrong no matter what.

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Love the rig, Andy!

I biased, but the Cowichan Valley is great. Close to both major cities, but still a small town with tons of wilderness to explore.

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Very cool Rover, looks super capable. I also enjoy mid Island but you do have to get creative with the gates in most places, not like North Island.

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Andrew Daws

Thanks for all the replies, we’ll be heading over later in the year to check out properties and the fishing. Plan is to be purchasing next year once things settle down and finances are in place.

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