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My “new” toy

My “new” toy

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Run this Sunday?

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Sunday fun day?

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Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

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Weekend run?

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You didn’t offend anyone :)

2 weeks 6 days ago in Wheelin

We’re all repairing our rigs so we’re ready for the summer hahah winter is for wrenching.

2 weeks 6 days ago in Wheelin

Welcome! Gates are our eternal enemy, aren’t they?

Your best weapon is the Backroads Mapbook and lots of exploring. You’ll find some routes and directions in past threads on the forum, but generally people don’t share a lot publicly, in order to protect the places we can access.

A few general areas I can point you towards:

Chemainus Main (River Rd and Hwy 1) goes for miles and miles and has a lot of side routes you can explore.

Gordon River Rd at the top of Lake Cowichan goes all the way to Port Renfrew with lots of cool stuff along the way.

And the further north you go, the fewer gates you’ll find. So check out the Sproat Lake area and beyond.

And for some decent wheeling (less good for camping) is Hill 60. Theres about a million posts about it on the forum, so give it a search!


3 weeks 4 days ago in New to the group. Looking for ways into the back country.

I highly doubt an Outback will get over the very first obstacle. Remember that hump and ditch we had to go through to get from the road to the trail? No way. And there are several deep ditches and flowing water in them along the trail. I wouldn’t take an outback in there.

1 month 4 days ago in Moderate routes nearish Victoria.

I sent you a link in your PMs. Should be able to open that for in Gaia and see the route.

1 month 1 week ago in Saturday Cruze