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My “new” toy

My “new” toy

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Run this Sunday?

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Sunday fun day?

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Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

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Weekend run?

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Hope you guys had a fun time! About an hour into the morning run with Justin I blew a tire on a sharp stump. Ripped the sidewall right open. Then once we winched up to flat ground and put my spare on, something in my rear axle was making noise, so I decided to call it a day and get it towed home. The more I think about it, the more I think that the noise was just caused by my spare being slightly smaller than the rest of my tires, so when my t-case was locked in 4wd it was binding the gears a bit. I should have tested it with the t-case unlocked to see what happened. Oh well, better safe than sorry!

3 weeks 1 day ago in Run this Sunday?

Looks sweet! The 2 door XJ is an under appreciated model IMO.

3 weeks 1 day ago in '99 Jeep Cherokee

Thanks man! I’m doing some work on it right now. Did a full tune-up, new belts, distributor, wires, plugs. Replaced the suspension (it was all original). And now I’m waiting for a new carb to arrive. I’m swapping the original Rochester Verajet for a much better Weber. Excited to have it driving again. We’ll have go for a drive once it’s running!

3 weeks 1 day ago in My “new” toy

Hah all good! I just felt like sharing my work.

Most of the area is used quite a bit, so you never know what we’ll run into but I haven’t come across any down trees yet.

If we end up checking Skutz Falls area, Justin and I did run into some down trees last time. We could come prepared and try to get past those. Might as well bring it if it’s sharp and ready to roll :) mine needs to be sharpened, so it’s not much use at the moment. I’ll bring my sawz-all with a demo blade though, just in case!


3 weeks 2 days ago in Run this Sunday?

Spent all afternoon re-routing my power steering cooling lines, because my bumper left the stock routing exposed and it was only a matter of time before a stick caught a line. So tomorrow will be a bit of a test, with frequent fluid and temp checks haha. I’ll be bringing extra fluid and hoses in case anything goes bad.

Next job will be to relocate my washer fluid reservoir.

See y’all tomorrow!

3 weeks 2 days ago in Run this Sunday?