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My “new” toy

My “new” toy

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Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

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Weekend run?

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Mt. Washington

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Post Run Cleaning

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Ah sorry, my wife made plans for us on Sunday. I’m free tomorrow, but can’t do Sunday. Enjoy!

2 days 21 hours ago in Sunday Run-day

Welcome! There was a similar discussion here recently:

There’s a lot to explore, enjoy!

3 days 4 hours ago in Easy trail for a stock 4x4 1/2 ton

I might be free, as long as you promise we won't be going down those powerlines again! haha

3 days 5 hours ago in Sunday Run-day

Hey Noah, I didn’t make it to Kamloops on my road trip earlier in the summer, but we did find an amazing beach camping spot near Lillooet. It’s a few hours from Kamloops, but if you’re heading that way check out 50.892608, -122.614677. Have a good trip!

3 days 17 hours ago in Kamloops Camping

Sweet truck! I've heard good things about Clydesdale Automotive.

6 days 23 hours ago in looking for off road repair shop on North Island