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Hill 60 is gated

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Dirt bike trails

Dirt bike trails

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Any Dual Sport Riders?

Any Dual Sport Riders?

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Monday Run?

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My “new” toy

My “new” toy

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It's mostly individuals with tow rigs that do trail recoveries. The companies shy away from risky jobs. Join this FB group and post here if you need help:

There's a guy in there named Chad that seems willing and capable to do most recoveries, so I saved his number in my phone too. Look for him on there and get his number.

1 year 6 months ago in Bear Creek Reservoir

Totally. It's a great first place to explore off-road. Beautiful views, and an easy drive. Most trails on the island are pretty tight, and you'll get pinstripping in your pretty new paint job, but this one is wide open as far as I remember. Also worth checking out nearby: North Main and Jordan Main, just on the north side of Jordan River. Just go explore!

1 year 7 months ago in Bear Creek Reservoir

Not much of a route to know :) Just turn off Hwy 14 at Forebay Rd, just south of Jordan River. There's a bunch to explore out there, and you can go as far as the dug out in a truck. I've heard dirt bikes and quads are getting through the dugout now.

1 year 9 months ago in Bear Creek Reservoir

All access from Hillcrest into the Hill 60 area is gated and locked, but with a capable rig you can get around it at a few different spots.

The gate that this original thread was about was on the Hill 60 FSR off of 18. It has since been re-opened, so that is the most direct route into Hill 60 now. Still need at least a lifted rig to get very far though. And the route down Porters Canyon to the river is washed out pretty bad and only passable with a big lift and probably lockers.

1 year 10 months ago in Hill 60 is gated

Nope, Hillcrest is almost always open. Chemainus River Park is a provincial park, so it's only closed during wildfire season. Totally accessible with any stock vehicle.

1 year 10 months ago in Hill 60 is gated