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1998 Jeep Cherokee 4x4

1998 Jeep Cherokee 4x4

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Hmm could be possible. How can I check?

I'm going to do a compression test. I did one with my finger so i know there is compression.
I'm going to spray some starting fuel into the air intake and see if it will start.

Trying to not have to take apart the carb just yet...

8 hours 4 min ago in Any Dual Sport Riders?

Yes I was driving yesterday and I noticed it bogging a bit as I was heading on the highway, then 10 minutes later it died on me while going 120km/h. Pulled over to the side of the road. I went to start it and heard a different cranking sound id never heard before coming from what I now know is the starter relay/solenoid under the seat.

I just checked and I have spark. Power is going to the relay and power is going to the starter. I also jumped the solenoid and it cranks the starter. And yes fuel is flowing through the petcock. The ignition fuse is good.

Thanks for the help. Ill keep troubleshooting and see.

8 hours 31 min ago in Any Dual Sport Riders?

Looks like my luck has turned. My 09 klx250s won't start. I changed the battery, spark plug and checked the solenoid. Cranks but won't start. Do you guys recommend a good mechanic?

14 hours 10 min ago in Any Dual Sport Riders?

Hey guys, I ride a Klx250S and would like to explore and find new trails. Does anyone have some great spots or would like to get together and hit the trails?

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