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I'm off Fridays. I actually tend to do more wheeling on Fridays than weekends as it tends to be less busy. I'm down for the count still with cooling problems but once they're fixed I'll be back out there most Fridays

2 weeks 1 day ago in Weekday Explorers

Same here! It needs a new cable and definitely a new fairlead. But it spins and pulls like a tank and is old school af, right up my alley

3 weeks 2 days ago in Trackick's Tracker

All this action on the forum is getting me fired up.
Been in the shop the last few weeks trying to tie up loose ends and get my shit sorted.
Sorry I don’t take many pictures when I work.

First up, Ol yeller needed a new trans. Pulled the auto trans out of the old black unit (rip) and spent some time swapping it over.

Yellow was a manual so the swap was a little involved, but luckily these little 3spd autos will literally run off nothing but a vacuum signal 😂
Yesterday plumbing in a cooler temp sensor so I don’t have to worry about boiling the trans on a run. Runs 170f all day long.
Gearing in the 3spd is much lower than the manual trans, so matched with my 5.13 axles my crawl ratio is now much nicer and no more fried clutches!

Chasing a rear end vibe as well, pinion angle was all sorts of messed up so had to take the shims out of my leaf packs. All smooth now.

Also picked up a free bush bumper and a working old beast of a Warn winch. Have to get it to lose about 100lbs haha but it should work.

Finally up and running, except for an absolutely terrible noise from my rear driveshaft which I am blaming on the ridiculous play in my slip yoke (junkyard 4runner shaft what can you expect)

Gettin ready for the next run!

3 weeks 3 days ago in Trackick's Tracker

What the heck that looks sweet! Awesome pictures, not very often there's such a good turnout from a forum post on here, love it. So bummed I couldn't make it again.
Canuck I'm really digging that Lexus, looks like it puts in work.

3 weeks 3 days ago in Let’s get something together May 3rd

Can also vouch for Dickson & Fraser in Duncan.
I work at the Honda dealer here in Duncan and we also do BC inspections, but modified Jeeps aren't exactly our specialty lol.
Don't know the Comox area well enough to know the local shops there, but there's always Canadian Tire in Courtenay

1 month 1 day ago in Back Home