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Trackick's WJ Build

Trackick's WJ Build

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How she looked the day I dragged her home

Trackick's Tracker

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BFG Muds ripe for the picking

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Cowichan April 6

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Brent I still have the Tracker. Not sure what I'm planning with it yet. Can't quite bring myself to sell it but this Jeep does everything I need...

Shane yes balljoints are good, and all other steering components have been replaced including trackbar etc. Because I'm still on the stock short arms the castor is definitely an issue that will be resolved with the long arms. For now the death wobble is tamed by my steering stabilizer enough to daily drive.

2 years 6 months ago in Trackick's WJ Build

The idea is eventually to stay at 3" of lift and go to a long arm setup. I want to keep the height and center of gravity low, and aim for width and flex. Basically the opposite of my Suzuki xD

For now, with the help of some wheel adapters, I was able to use my 33x15 MTRs from my Suzuki.
And damn she got thicc!!

To fit the 33's on only 3" of lift was difficult in the front. These WJ's have notoriously small and odd shaped wheel wells. My old friends the grinder and sledgehammer made an appearance. With the trimmed fenders and smashed in firewall, the 33's clear barely at full lock and flex. Good enough for now.

Several trips under it's belt now and the tires also love to self clearance :)

That's it for now, love having the v8 power although the mileage is worse than my Silverado with a 6" lift and 35s was, somehow. Yikes.
Also in a classic lifted Jeep maneuver, I am chasing never ending death wobble.

I'll keep this updated, next up is long arms and maybe some lockers!

2 years 6 months ago in Trackick's WJ Build

Not stock for long. I purchased an Iron Rock Offroad 3" short arm lift to get a bit more ground clearance.

As well as that, lots and lots of maintenance items needed addressing. New front axle shafts, front brakes, electric radiator fan relay, door lock actuators everywhere, new shocks, new front driveshaft, every fluid, cleaning every sensor and surface on the intake, new spark plugs, seafoam treatment, new exhaust, and more.

Altogether though, not bad for 300,000kms. Interior is very clean, everything that is supposed to work mechanically does, and it hauls me and my dog and gear around great.

The lift was a great mod. Got me some clearance, improved the flex as well.

2 years 6 months ago in Trackick's WJ Build

First thing to do was obviously make some more clearance to avoid dragging the huge bumpers and useless plastic running boards on every crossditch and bump.

So out came the sawzall and no fucks were given. Trimming, ripping off bumpers, and in general ruining the handsome good looks on this mom mobile.

In stock form suspension wise with everything clearanced, I did have alot of fun.

2 years 6 months ago in Trackick's WJ Build

Man those glory days of Island4x4 were so good. Spent a lot of my time in highschool browsing the forums, getting ideas, and having a laugh at all the attitude that people had when they were hidden behind a username. Some of the best shit talking to be had.

Yes most up to date trail run info is on the FB page. That is where we were arranging the Nov 11 run.

I'm with Shane, I never want to see the forum side of things die. This new obsession with having personal information posted everywhere for everyone to see, and it being expected as normal, is not my style and I try to avoid it if I can.

2 years 6 months ago in Anyone going wheeling around Victoria, Duncan, Sooke on Sat. Nov 13?