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How she looked the day I dragged her home

Trackick's Tracker

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BFG Muds ripe for the picking

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The Season Approaches

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Starting Out

Cowichan April 6

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Extension Ridge

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I'd love to, unfortunately I will be working. Take lots of pics!

1 week 5 days ago in Monday Run?

You'd be surprised where I've been without one! Always a little nervous while I was doing it though. Now I have peace of mind and can be more ambitious when I'm out alone.

Thanks it is coming along nicely. Ordered some 4:24 transfer case gears yesterday, should give me a 135% reduction, then she'll really crawl nicely.

Also have a full set of Toyota axles to go under front and rear. Welded IFS rear and welded front with IFS hubs for extra width. Should be swapping them in this summer.

2 weeks 1 day ago in Trackick's Tracker

Powerlines is dug up yes but there is a small workaround trail around the dugout. I have done it a couple times it's not too bad but it's narrow. There is also a gnarly trail on the left just past the Y intersection at Forestry pools if you know where I mean. It's longer and more challenging but it drops you on the trail to get to the powerlines.

3 weeks 15 hours ago in Hill 60 is gated

Love looking through this thread, such good memories. Sort of becoming an archive for me of my rigs over the years.

Anyways another update. The old Warn winch was not in very good shape. It will be a rebuild process and I’ll use it in the future but for now I bit the bullet and purchased a new 9.5k winch to get me by.

Not sure how I’ve gone so long without one. Got it mounted yesterday, super happy with the result. Still have to construct the bumper around it but it will work for now.

Next up, sliders. But for now I am quite happy with how it is running and performing.

3 weeks 1 day ago in Trackick's Tracker

The last time I went through it was on dig out #3 or 4 lol and it was almost too gnarly for my (then) mostly stock tracker. Looked like people just kept moving over a few feet and making a new trail. I'd love to see how many there are now! Thanks for the coords, last time I did it with just a BRMB and pinpointing the location was tough

3 weeks 3 days ago in Hill 60 is gated