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I'm also interested in which route is still doable. I may head out on my dirt scoot this weekend to scout it out before taking the rig.

I do know the route from Hillcrest down to Chemainus mainline is definitely accessible (did it a couple weeks ago). From there I'm not so sure.

3 weeks 5 days ago in Sherk lake

feipoa if you mean Lake Cowichan I would say the majority of trails around the lake are in the 1-3/10 difficulty range for you. There may be a few harder ones but from what I've seen it is mostly logging road cruising out there with a few exceptions like gate workaround trails etc. Secret Lake I'm not so sure of as I've never been either.

Sooke will be your biggest playground close to Victoria. Tons and tons of trails of all difficulty. I'm not personally familiar with the area really but go to Pathmaker Productions on YouTube. They're buggy guys mainly and pretty secretive with their special spots but they do wheel Sooke almost exclusively and you'll see lots of trails in their vids. I'm sure someone here from Vic area may chime in and be able to show you some Sooke trails.

4 weeks 12 hours ago in Moderate routes nearish Victoria.

Hello Juan welcome to the site. There is still plenty of fun to be had with a ride like yours but you may scratch it lol!
Port Alberni area is a paradise for offroading activities from what I hear.
My rig wouldn't make it that far north but if you ever plan to come south I'm sure a few of us would be happy to come out for a trip.

4 weeks 12 hours ago in New to the group

Yes Kyle I agree with Alex, you should have no problem.
A fullsize like a squarebody or ram truck might have issues but anything smaller will be fine. There's lots of different lines to choose if one way is too tight. I'll have to start recording my routes and using Gaia like the other fancy folk here lol

1 month 1 week ago in Hill 60 is gated

Update, last weekend we did the Hillcrest to copper canyon main route discussed above.
The workaround trails to get onto copper canyon main have changed since my last time out 8 or so years ago (I actually made a thread in here about it way back when. Nostalgic)
Tight but easily done by a small rig.
We found some awesome spots along the Chemainus river with some potential camping. And I broke a rear leaf lol.
Figured I’d update the thread to say it is still a doable route.

1 month 1 week ago in Hill 60 is gated