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How she looked the day I dragged her home

Trackick's Tracker

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BFG Muds ripe for the picking

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The Season Approaches

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Starting Out

Cowichan April 6

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Extension Ridge

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That's so baller. I love old 80's and 90's oddballs like that. Definitely keep it clean and stock!

6 months 3 days ago in My “new” toy

Okay now I'm really jealous. That whole area looks amazing. And that weather.. Great pics for me to drool over all day at work today

7 months 1 week ago in June 18 and 19th

Story till Now is great too, super good production value.

Unfortunately I'll be sitting this one out. I have to work Friday now, plus there ain't no way my rig is making the trip to Alberni in one piece. Just thinking of taking it over the hump makes me shiver.

7 months 2 weeks ago in June 18 and 19th

All you need is some good editing and a go getter personality and wheeling could be your job! YouTube money flows like gold to those that know how to mine it. Hard to compete with channels like 4Low BC over on the mainland though

7 months 2 weeks ago in June 18 and 19th

Ooh ya maybe me too. Depending where it is I could come out Thursday afternoon to Friday

7 months 3 weeks ago in June 18 and 19th