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Yellow Creek Mine

Yellow Creek Mine

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Hidden waterfall spot

Hidden waterfall spot

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Sur Ron Light Bee X with EBMX 72v 42ah battery and ASI BAC8000 controller

theshanergy's 2022 Surron X

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Man standing at Virgin Falls, BC

Virgin Falls

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Port Alberni to Duncan / Cowichan alternate logging road route

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It's a beautiful area, but not really suited for wheeling. You can drive the logging roads and get a fair bit of elevation with some decent views, but the double track ends before you get to the old ski area and it becomes essentially walking trails. I think it might have some sort of protected status at the top as well as it contains a fairly unusual ecosystem. On the back side there is a small unmarked lake that had somewhat difficult access last I was there, but quite a nice spot.

5 months 3 weeks ago in Green Mountain

In my opinion the best GPS mapping device for the backroads is an android tablet running the Gaia app with map layers saved offline. I run the premium BRMB layer, the Gaia topo (overland), and satellite layers, all downloaded for offline use. I did have to go through a few different tablets to find one that had really solid GPS, storage space, and power for running the maps - I arrived at a Samsung Tab s8 which works great for this purpose. Definitely superior to all of the standalone dedicated GPS units. I also use it for music and entertainment in the Jeep.

5 months 3 weeks ago in GPS Mapping Devices

Yea this is a sweet trail - I've been up a few times since my last post as well (during summer) and it's a really nice spot, alpine lake at the top and some killer views.

7 months 1 week ago in Sproat Lake Ridge

Not sure I've seen anything quite like that on the Island, but you can get close.

Mt Arrowsmith in Port Alberni offers some killer vistas from the top. Difficult access though and gates are usually only open on weekends.

8 months 3 weeks ago in Looking for Van Island Ridge/Plateau type offroading, pic included

Did a little experimental backpack camping from the bike last night - worked pretty well!

9 months 3 weeks ago in theshanergy's 2022 Surron X