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Mt Arrowsmith

Mt Arrowsmith / Mt Cokely

Author: theshanergy
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Gecko Green Jeep JK Rubicon

theshanergy's 2012 JK Rubicon

Author: theshanergy
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Nahmint Valley

Nahmint Valley

Author: theshanergy
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Great Central Lake

Great Central Lake

Author: theshanergy
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Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

Author: theshanergy
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Wow that's pretty damn remote. Never been up that far north - looks awesome!

5 days 1 hour ago in Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

Nice shots! What was your elevation in those first couple shots? Looks pretty high up there. Always love a good mountain view.

5 days 1 hour ago in Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

Went back up the mountain today - forgot what a nice area it is up there!

1 week 5 days ago in Mt Arrowsmith / Mt Cokely

Nice! What do you do for work?

2 weeks 3 days ago in Hill 60 Staging area a different perspective

Thanks for the awesome trip guys! here are some pics I got:

3 weeks 18 hours ago in June 18 and 19th