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2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail stock exterior

theshanergy's 2012 Toyota 4Runner

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Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

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Sherk Lake, BC - 4Runners off road 4x4

Sherk lake

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Nitnat Caves

Nitnat Caves (Looper Creek Canyon)

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Ahhhh that sucks hah - did you ski in to take that picture? I wonder if it might be worth bringing some of those rv dehumidifiers up there to stick in the cab so it doesn't start growing fur once the melt starts.

42 min 36 sec ago in Missing Person 4 Wheeler

Has anyone been out Francis way recently? I'm thinking snow might be an issue right now, plus like Jonathan said, the water could be pretty high come spring. Even if it's passable now it might not be then - it all comes down to the weather and snow melt at the time. It's still worth trying I think, just good to have a solid back up plan in place as well. Someone could scout it a week or two before the planned date just to confirm and if it's a no go then we do the backup. For backup spots something on the ocean could be cool - I don't know any specific spots off the top of my head but maybe something on the alberni inlet, or somewhere on nitnat. Anyone know a decent spot in that area?

1 hour 50 min ago in Camping/wheeling/meetup in spring?

Welcome to vioffroad - That sounds like it was an awesome trip. I'd love to go do some more exploring up island.

btw, regarding the sideways photos - if you upload them here they will auto rotate.

2 hours 2 min ago in New here

Pulled off my running boards yesterday and installed some Demello Hybrid rock sliders. Pretty straight forward installation on these trucks - already has factory threaded holes in the frame rails so they just bolt right up. The only pain point is the KDSS unit bolted to the driver side frame which needs to be held out of the way before the sliders go on. I'm a little skeptical of the strength of the slider mounting bolts though as it's only ~8 M8 bolts holding it on along the bottom - I question whether that will hold up to the full weight of the truck smashing down on a rock. I may track down someone with a welder and add a few welds as well just to give me peace of mind.

1 week 1 hour ago in theshanergy's 2012 Toyota 4Runner

I climbed a similar route up Arrowsmith several years back also in August and there was snow in the saddle then as well. The climb wasn't very long as I remember, maybe a few hours to that first summit. I tent camped right on the top and it was cold as hell overnight, but a great time nonetheless! The view from up there is amazing.

1 week 4 days ago in Mt Moriarty