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Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

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Duncan / Cowichan stock friendly trail run tomorrow Sunday March 31st

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Trail run Tuesday April 9th - Duncan / Cowichan

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Barsby Lake

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Helping doctors and nurses get to work in the snow storm

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When did you last go? I used to go through there a lot as well but there have been some fairly recent new tank traps dug out. Maybe there's another way though?

4 days 57 min ago in Holyoak lake directions?

You can get in from hill 60 still with a built rig but it's really rough otherwise you'll need to go in from chemainus through the gate on a weekend when it's open. It's also possible to come in through the cowichan valley past sherk lake but it's even more rough that way and quite a detour..

5 days 14 hours ago in Holyoak lake directions?

I think we definitely pushed the limits for the Escape, good exploring though none the less! We'll have to revisit that trail once you get your Jeep and finally get to the top of that mountain. I actually have some pics of the summit posted on here somewhere from a prior trip I'll see if I can find.

1 week 13 hours ago in Not So "Stock Friendly" Run with Shanergy

I could probably do Sunday if that works, where were you thinking?

1 week 5 days ago in Stock Friendly Run This Weekend?