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theshanergy's picture bumper stickers

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Sur Ron with EBMX 72v 42ah battery and ASI BAC8000 controller

theshanergy's 2022 Sur Ron Light Bee X

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Sherk Lake, BC - 4Runners off road 4x4

Sherk lake

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Rowbotham Lake

Rowbotham Lake

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Nahmint Valley

Nahmint Valley

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What are you driving? Are you looking for campsites or bush camping? For a multi day trip you might want to check out some of the north island - tons of areas to explore up there. Best bet is to get on google earth and do some virtual exploring - find a few remote or cool looking areas, and then see if you can get there. That's where the best adventure is found.

3 weeks 5 days ago in Island Exploration

When are you planning to visit the Island? I know a few trails in the Alberni valley that would fit the bill, but snow will be an issue until later in the summer as they are at elevation. Happy to lead a group July/Aug though if you're interested.

4 weeks 1 day ago in Expedition

Nice ride man! WJs really come out of their shell with just a sawzall and sledge. I love the no bumper look on these things.

Death wobble is often aggrevated by bad castor as a result of lift springs. When you get long arms you'll be able to correct caster and it will likely take care of the death wobble, assuming your steering and BJs are all tight.

7 months 1 week ago in Trackick's WJ Build

Facebook largely killed the forum era. In fact even when I was originally building vioffroad it was coming on the tail of older groups like island4x4 which had been much bigger back in the day, but were already on the way out due to the social media effect. I personally dislike fb so I'll keep this site around regardless of how many use it. It's also good for archival purposes or googling certain trails and areas. I do miss the good old days of forums/IRC etc, but I don't think they're coming back. People seemingly prefer to be plugged in to the corporate machine.

7 months 2 weeks ago in Anyone going wheeling around Victoria, Duncan, Sooke on Sat. Nov 13?

Hey, welcome to the site - that trail does continue up and the backside of the mountain opens up to a lot more. Check google earth and you'll see some lakes up there, and also some nice rock bluffs a bit further up the power lines with some great views. Definitely a good spot to explore!

9 months 3 weeks ago in New to the island.