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Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

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Duncan / Cowichan stock friendly trail run tomorrow Sunday March 31st

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Trail run Tuesday April 9th - Duncan / Cowichan

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Barsby Lake

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Helping doctors and nurses get to work in the snow storm

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If we're doing the full loop we could enter at Hillcrest and come out at Hill 60

2 weeks 6 days ago in Sunday or Monday hill 60

I'm in for tomorrow as well, just to confirm, 10am at Hillcrest - correct?

2 weeks 6 days ago in Sunday or Monday hill 60

Is this run Sat or Sun? Title says Sunday but the 3rd is Sat.

3 weeks 2 days ago in Sunday or Monday hill 60

Wow this isn't even the same truck anymore, it's lookin awesome. 7.2:1 must be killer, do you just get out of the truck and walk beside it while it idles up the hard obstacles or what? hah

1 month 1 week ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Looking at your location right now - you found one of the nicest lesser known lakes on the Island! Nahmint is a killer spot - there are some really nice hidden beaches on that lake too past the campsite with enormous trees and beautiful sandy beaches. Anyway enjoy the north island and if you're up for an impromptu meet on your way back down I'd be happy to show you some local trails in the Cowichan area.

1 month 1 week ago in Visting VI and wanted to say hello!