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Sur Ron Light Bee X with EBMX 72v 42ah battery and ASI BAC8000 controller

theshanergy's 2022 Sur Ron X

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theshanergy's picture bumper stickers

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Sherk Lake, BC - 4Runners off road 4x4

Sherk lake

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Rowbotham Lake

Rowbotham Lake

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Nahmint Valley

Nahmint Valley

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The Island isn't gated due to fire risk. It is gated as part of a systematic endeavor by Mosaic to keep people out of the forests permanently.

Included in the public messaging is fire risk, along with risk to waterways and damage to delicate ecosystems. Of course anyone who has ever been in the backcountry on the Island can plainly see that the single biggest risk to our natural environment here is Mosaic themselves. This is made evident by the endless valleys of absolute destruction they leave in their wake.

Gates are more useful in keeping regular people out of the bush so that companies like Mosaic may continue to destroy what is left of our formerly beautiful forests for profit, without the prying eyes of regular people who might be shocked at the level of destruction taking place out there.

1 month 3 weeks ago in Best Trails

Welcome to the site. Post up when you find your Jeep and I'd be happy to show you some trails in the Alberni area or come up to Comox Valley and do some exploring.

3 months 4 days ago in New to group

They're out there, just gotta look for em!

3 months 1 week ago in Camp spots around Port Alberni?

Found some cool new singletrack and interesting terrain near Cameron river in Port Alberni. The entire Cameron river valley is cool actually, lots of huge cliffs and boulders and interesting geography.

3 months 2 weeks ago in theshanergy's 2022 Sur Ron X

Everyone in the backcountry should have a winch imo, or if you can't afford one, a come-along and tow straps at the bare minimum. Even more so when wheeling solo.

For anyone new to wheeling reading this, there is a good thread from years back with some great suggestions for the best gear to bring wheeling. It's worth the time to figure out your gear now, before you find yourself stuck in the bush needing it.

Anyway glad you were able to get the trucks extracted. I would look into expanding your recovery gear all around, even if only for helping others stuck in the bush.

3 months 3 weeks ago in So You Have Gotten Your Truck Stuck...