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Sherk Lake, BC - 4Runners off road 4x4

Sherk lake

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Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

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Nitnat Caves

Nitnat Caves (Looper Creek Canyon)

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Skutz Falls to Tadjiss Lake, and camping with a view

Skutz Falls to Tadjiss Lake, and camping with a view

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There are a couple connectors between hill 60 and chemainus river valley, which extend to the forestry pools and then prevost/sicker. There are exits at the forestry pools which brings you out hillcrest rd, though the access to prevost I believe is gated off now.

2 months 1 day ago in Summertime Access in Cowichan valley?

Welcome to vioffroad Jay - you've got me curious, what sort of brain fart leads to a transfer case rebuild?

3 months 2 weeks ago in Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

Hadn't seen that first one before - man Victoria has some high res aerial photos! Wish we had that level of detail in the cvrd.

4 months 1 week ago in Local online regional map resources

Welcome to vioffroad! nice looking jeep - look forward to seeing you on the trails.

4 months 1 week ago in '99 Jeep Cherokee

You could try an online converter such as

Data loss definitely sucks though - I've been storing all of my tracks on the new online google earth lately at

4 months 3 weeks ago in Anyone WikiLoc?