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Rowbotham Lake

Rowbotham Lake

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Nahmint Valley

Nahmint Valley

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Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

Author: theshanergy
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Mt Arrowsmith

Mt Arrowsmith / Mt Cokely

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Gecko Green Jeep JK Rubicon

theshanergy's 2012 JK Rubicon

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Yea I've used them many times for as far back as I can remember and they've always had good service. Often times the best way to get large stuff like bumpers etc from the states which would otherwise cost a fortune to ship direct.

4 months 1 week ago in SEAWINGS

Sorry to hear that Christian.

5 months 3 weeks ago in *MISSING PERSON*

It's a hard 8 I'd say. I probably wouldn't go up solo myself. That said if you want some company let me know and I'm happy to show you the route and join up for a trip one of these days - it's a solid day of wheeling and honestly you could probably make a couple days out of it exploring the whole ridgeline.

6 months 4 days ago in Taylor arm

Yea there's some killer wheeling up there - take that road as high up as it will go and where the road ends the trail begins. We were just up there yesterday, it's a beauty spot.

6 months 5 days ago in Taylor arm

The leftmost trail goes all the way up and is pretty nice.

7 months 4 days ago in Sunday Run-day