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2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition

2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition - SOLD

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theshanergy's picture bumper stickers

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2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail stock exterior

theshanergy's 2012 Toyota 4Runner

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Port Alberni members?

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Duncan / Cowichan stock friendly trail run tomorrow Sunday March 31st

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See you guys tomorrow morning - Simon we'll have to do another down your way at some point!

3 weeks 18 hours ago in June 18 and 19th

A few of us are heading up that direction tomorrow and Friday, closer to the Port side - you're welcome to join.

3 weeks 1 day ago in Tofino/ukee area

When I first installed the lightbar it whistled like crazy - in fact whistle isn't strong enough a word, it was more like some sort of high frequency sound weapon used for crowd dispersal. I found a pretty good fix though, I bought some adhesive vinyl film and just wrapped the whole back. I haven't run it for an extended period yet to see if heat becomes and issue but I've read a few other people online use this approach with good results. Completely removed the whistle/jet turbine noise anyway!

3 weeks 3 days ago in theshanergy's 2012 JK Rubicon

Ah it's nice that Smittybilt makes end caps like that (presumably for this purpose). It's a shame you had to buy anything though, looking at the pictures I'm having a hard time imagining a scenario where those additional steel end caps would prevent injury or offer any advantage over simply hitting the wheel alone. Like many of our laws though I think it serves more to further the bureaucracy and sustain police budgets than it does to protect anyone. Glad you could get it resolved anyway!

3 weeks 3 days ago in Recent VI....

Well, it was time for another lighting upgrade and at the risk of making my truck more of a cop magnet I decided to add a 50" light bar and set of Aries A pillar mounts. Haven't done any night wheeling yet so I'm not sure how bad the hood glare will be but hopefully it will be functional! For legal reasons I do want to look at some sort of cover for on road purposes but I haven't found anything I like yet. It seems like most of the covers are either multi piece, which I'm sure to lose in the thick bush, or loosely fitting fabric, which I don't like the look of. Ideally I'd do something like a vinyl film that static clings to the face of the glass but I haven't been able to find anything like that. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

Here are some pics:

3 weeks 3 days ago in theshanergy's 2012 JK Rubicon

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