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Alberni Valley
Rowbotham Lake

Here's a trip we did a while back - up the Englishman river towards the backside of Arrowsmith and then up and over the ridge to Rowbotham lake. This particular route was very thick bush so not recommended for anyone who cares about their paint. The backside of the mountain has several really nice view spots, one in particular that would be great for camping up on the top of a large rock bluff. Over the ridge, Rowbotham is a nice lake at elevation with two access points. I included the old way up coming from the powerlines on the Errington side as well, though last we were there it had recently been dug out quite extensively. There may be a bypass by now though. Overall it's a really nice area to explore, if the gates don't get in your way!

GPS file (Google Earth): 
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Thanks for posting the pics! My paint will never recover from that trip. Worth it though.

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Nice photos! The old route was a no go last time I checked but it's been a year or so. I'm really surprised the gate was open a little ways after crossing the Englishman and turning left.

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This was an awesome day, a little crazy with that grown in trail but great views all around and that side of Rowbotham was really nice too.

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