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Hill 60

Hill 60 Staging area a different perspective

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Trail radio setups?

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Social distance Hill 60 run

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Hey Jared! My wife and I moved to Victoria in 2019 so I am pretty new here and as far as my experience with a shop here in Vic is limited! I do all the my work myself and farm out what I can’t! I had really good luck and service from Vic Front End and Frame.
I did get my Out of Province , alignments ( I put a lift on my rig), and they even welded in a EimKieth rear panhard Correction bracket for a fair price. I didn’t feel like I was getting takin for a ride at all. Lol. That’s my experience.
I would go back yet again as they do have some smart people there and they understand things like uptravel/ downtravel, spring rates, Cv angles, etc... lol

Good luck!


1 month 3 weeks ago in good & honest offroad shops in Langford, Victoria, Sydney?

Wow! Even with the minor bit of carnage it looks like I missed out on a fun day! Hopefully be able to catch a run soon! I have been feeling the pull to get out there! Lol

1 month 3 weeks ago in Run this Sunday?

Looks like you guys had some fun out there!! Sweet! A danger Ranger ripped it up too!

4 months 2 weeks ago in run up hill 60 July 18th

Aw man. I already have plans tomorrow for a light family road trip to hit up some beaches or maybe Avatar grove.!
Next time!! Have fun though!

4 months 2 weeks ago in run up hill 60 July 18th

The BRMB books are my go to for any adventure since the first one I accidentally bought back in 2009 to find out where to find an ice fishing lake in northern Alberta that a buddy and I had no clue where it was! (. We both just moved there that year ! Me from PEI and him from Ont and the local was a no show. Found a gas station, found the mapbook and game on!! Lol). Hooked on those BRMB map books ever since!

Although I found out on the last trip. The newest Vancouver Island one is definitely more up to date then my older version! Lol

4 months 3 weeks ago in GPS recommendations