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Trail radio setups?

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Social distance Hill 60 run

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Looks like it was a blast and I would up for checking it out sometime too!!
Looks fun and a bit flexy in spots!

1 day 21 hours ago in Weekend run?

Wow that does look pretty intense! Definitely a very cool trail though! I may have to check it out sometime... the top may have to wait though. Lol

1 week 1 day ago in Sproat Lake Ridge

Lol Sounds like quite an adventure! Looks like it was still fun for you anyways.
It ended up being iruninca and myself out there on Sunday and Monday! Great time though. We saw some awesome back country and basically drove all around Elsie lake ( well to the two bridges out anyways. It made a complete circle impossible to our knowledge at the time. Ha!)
Followed the Ash river road to Oshinow lake and beyond into the park a ways. Hit up logging roads all over the place up to dead ends and some loops happened. Hahaha. Good times!

1 week 6 days ago in Long weekend Camping anyone?

Same as CJ8. I’ll be watching too!

2 weeks 5 days ago in Weekday Explorers

Right on ! Thanks for the heads up! Looks like the ole BRMBook will come into play as well as anymore good info that gets leaked. It’ll be fun though! We will end up camping somewhere in the area and still get to see lots of nice countryside/roads!

2 weeks 5 days ago in Long weekend Camping anyone?