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Hill 60

Hill 60 Staging area a different perspective

Author: Canuck120
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Trail radio setups?

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Social distance Hill 60 run

Author: Canuck120
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Looks like you guys had some fun out there!! Sweet! A danger Ranger ripped it up too!

3 weeks 1 day ago in run up hill 60 July 18th

Aw man. I already have plans tomorrow for a light family road trip to hit up some beaches or maybe Avatar grove.!
Next time!! Have fun though!

3 weeks 2 days ago in run up hill 60 July 18th

The BRMB books are my go to for any adventure since the first one I accidentally bought back in 2009 to find out where to find an ice fishing lake in northern Alberta that a buddy and I had no clue where it was! (. We both just moved there that year ! Me from PEI and him from Ont and the local was a no show. Found a gas station, found the mapbook and game on!! Lol). Hooked on those BRMB map books ever since!

Although I found out on the last trip. The newest Vancouver Island one is definitely more up to date then my older version! Lol

1 month 2 days ago in GPS recommendations

Welcome! And yes like Alex said there are a ridiculous amount of logging roads in valleys, up mountains, along lakes, rivers, etc... to explore (as long as the gates are open..) that your truck will be more then fine doing. I am pretty new here too and the forum has been great with everyone sharing their experience, advice and answering any questions I ever had and will have in the future I am sure!

See you out there at some point I am sure!


1 month 4 days ago in Suitable for Trucks

Count me in!!

1 month 4 days ago in Regearing