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Hill 60

Hill 60 Staging area a different perspective

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Trail radio setups?

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Social distance Hill 60 run

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Awesome pictures! I have been wanting to get in there for a while! Last spring Iruninca and I were bombing around Elsie Lake southeast of the park and ended up crossing into the South Park boundary on some roads. There were some very old roads in there! Wicked area! Can’t wait to tackle it from the North side and finally visit Gold River as well!


1 year 3 months ago in Logging roads around Strathcona on the way to Gold Rover

Thanks for sharing the pictures and the adventures! Nice work!

1 year 3 months ago in Covid crazy...

Ewwwww. Lol Glad you figured out the leak and a big kudos to you all for hauling out some trash!
I will start doing the same as well for sure.


1 year 4 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?

Hi Dave! Sounds like your ready to rock. Nice 3rd Gen 4Runner!
Hope to see you out there soon!



1 year 4 months ago in My ride 95 trailrunner

Looked like a great day!! I’ll catch you all one of these times soon!

1 year 4 months ago in Weekend Wheelin?