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Lol. Right on. That will get some power back on the ground and maybe a little more!
That Jeep of yours worked great as it was! It ll be even better on the trails now!

2 days 23 hours ago in Regearing

Nice Pictures man! Sounds like a great trip! Those mountains are incredible.
The camper thing sounds cool! Keep us posted!

2 days 23 hours ago in Port Hardy to Prince Rupert

That’s weird?!? Is that a “thing”for those engines or maybe just that head and valve train if it is the same valve that acted up before?

I love those old inline 6 cyl. Solid engines!

Oh and I got those skids on! Thanks man! I’ll send you pics!

3 days 18 hours ago in CJ-8 Build

Hey that looks wicked! That’ll add some more clearance under the axles and the belly!
What gearing are putting in? Are you gearing for back to stock performance or slightly lower for a little more grunt?

3 days 19 hours ago in Regearing

Good to know! My older book is showing a few gates for sure but I guess I’ll end up finding out whenever I get out there to see it! It looks like it would be really nice in there!

2 weeks 6 hours ago in Hill 60 Staging area a different perspective