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Spencer godin
New member *3rd gen runner

Hey all, I'm a fairly new member. I have been active on this site for a few years now but finally making an account to meet the faces behind all these posts. I own a 2000 4runner and currently have 2.5" lift and sliders to be done in short time. I love destination wheeling because exploring this wonderful island I've grown up on and being able to see places I never new existed in the 22 years I've been here is such an incredible thing. If you have any recomendations on wheeling routes please don't be shy and I understand the rules. Pm me or take me if you feel comfortable, any insight on neat spots near the Nanaimo area or any spots worth visiting would be appreciated. *P.s I promise to take sick photos of your rig if you take me cool places. Lucky's will be supplied.👌


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Welcome Spencer! If you’ve been lurking on the site for awhile, I’m sure you know the place everyone recommends first, Hill 60. There are a zillion threads, with maps and links and photos. It’s a fun route though, and the best destination on it is to get down to the river. There’s also an abandoned mine on the Mt Sicker Rd side.

Some other popular places are Nanaimo Lakes or Copper Canyon. Also some fun stuff up by Port Renfrew and Jordan River.

You might find the site is a little quiet over the winter, but I’m sure there will be some group runs happening in the spring.


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Adrian Jay
Victoria, BC

Hey Spencer! Sounds like you got a nice 3rd Gen there!
You are close to some nice spots up there I am sure. I am fairly new to the island so I am just learning the areas as well! May catch you out there!

Happy holidays!



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