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Extension Ridge

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Cowichan/Prevost Saturday 24th

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There is still a couple of us that stick around here but yes the FB group unfortunately has all the action, as much as I hate the platform

2 months 6 days ago in Anyone going wheeling around Victoria, Duncan, Sooke on Sat. Nov 13?

Unfortunately I work Saturdays otherwise I would be down.

If you are interested, there is a group run out to the Mt. Bolduc plane crash tomorrow (11th) for a Remembrance Day service. Easy FSRs the whole way.

Believe the meetup is 9am at the Lake Cowichan Museum/Jakes on the Lake parking lot according to FB, good turnout expected

2 months 6 days ago in Anyone going wheeling around Victoria, Duncan, Sooke on Sat. Nov 13?

I believe the laptop module you are referring to is the powertrain control module (PCM). Hard to know for sure unless you have a photo.

Not a mechanic myself, but maybe the connections to the PCM are getting dirt or water in them? Or rattling loose somehow over time.

The other option could be, your code PO129 is for low intake barometric pressure, could be that the MAP sensor is intermittently failing, and by unplugging power to the PCM you are effectively resetting the fault? Only to have it fault again a week later.

Again I'm no mechanic but it could be something like that. Hard to diagnose if the code comes and goes

2 months 3 weeks ago in Jeep keeps breaking down

I have also heard the 242 is a great option, I may go that route and do a proper Selec-Trac swap instead of 231.

I hear there is also HD versions of both the 231 and the 242 but they seem to be rare/pricey.

All new to me, but this Jeep stuff is great! So much information and support out there, even for a less popular model like my WJ. Coming from the Suzuki world where alot of stuff is custom/trial and error it's very refreshing.

3 months 1 day ago in FULL TIME 4WD

Yes the 231 lets you lock into 2wd, 4wd high, and 4wd low. No more 4wd all time BS. Plus way more aftermarket support.

As far as I understand there is no difference between the p and the v, just different manufacturers or something?

3 months 2 days ago in FULL TIME 4WD