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Saturday Cruze

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Snow wheelin

Snow wheelin

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Saturday simple trail tour.

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Covid crazy...

Covid crazy...

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Hey 👋 Morgan, welcome and hope to see ya out there. Cheers 🍻

2 weeks 4 days ago in Saturday Cruze

Good morning Seth, no lockers yet ... sadly... yes soon on the lockers haha. Anyways I do have a set of V bar tire chains however ran without them to kinda see cause ya I was curious also! Fact is I was very surprised how well she did with no lockers or chains ... one thing I will say with snow wheelin is shit that normally isn’t too bad gets hairy real quick with the slide factor haha... overall Tho ole yota works well and will give credit to the lift and tires that day.

2 weeks 5 days ago in Snow wheelin

Hey 👋 Stuart, what treeline are ya referring too? If you’re asking me for directions or routes I will totally share! Just you’re a lil bit away from me so only stuff I know is mostly around Ladysmith/Duncan/Nanaimo. Anyways all good cheers 🍻

2 weeks 5 days ago in New to the group. Looking for ways into the back country.

Went snow wheelin today ... was alone so not much for pics but was super fun!

3 weeks 18 hours ago in Wheelin