New Off Road Rig

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New Off Road Rig

Just picked up my new to me 1997 Grand Cherokee ZJ. No more beating up my Escape. Brought my tools back from home so maybe I'll learn how to fix something on this Jeep too.

- 5.2 Engine (much debate over the engines, can't go wrong either way)
- Under 212,000 km
- Owned by a mechanic, wife drove it mostly
- Goodyear wrangler tires
- Everything works!

It may just be a weekend warrior but I do also hope to do some overlanding with it, so I may go that route with this build over time. I can't see myself putting too, too much into it this year. I'll want to wear the tires down before moving to a lift.

- Maybe some rock sliders first after losing a piece of trim on my escape last time out
- Camping equipment for overlanding
- Proper bumpers
- Who knows? It never ends.

Looking forward to getting it out on the trails soon!

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llew hamdi

Nice Jeep. I guess the 5.2 l is a magnum v8? Interior looks really nice.

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It is in fact a Magnum engine.

The interior is really spacious and the seats are really comfy.

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Can't go wrong with a jeep, lots and lots of cool aftermarket stuff

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