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Mt. Sicker

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abandoned jordan river powerplant/diversion dam

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Nanaimo airport area Jan 11

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Wednesday, May 30th

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Sunday, May 6th

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Sure, I'm off every sunday

11 months 5 days ago in Wednesday, May 30th

If the mods you are planning are legal in bc, theres nothing to really worry about. Even though you may not be doing anything wrong when you go through a road block like that, they are still allowed to stop you

for the sole purpose of ensuring that you are licensed and registered/insured. And who knows, the vehicles you saw may have been speeding or violating some other traffic law. If you do get stopped or pulled

over, just remember that you may not be able to talk your way out of a ticket, but you can always talk your way into one.

11 months 1 week ago in Is your ride a "magnet"?

I was up on mt sicker for several hours. Ran into some people up there and managed to keep up with their jeeps.

11 months 3 weeks ago in Sunday, May 6th

10 works for me. Should we meet somewhere on the way out there, or at the start of the trail?

11 months 3 weeks ago in Sunday, May 6th

Yeah I'm up for anything that isn't too challenging or far away, my pathfinder is basically stock

11 months 3 weeks ago in Sunday, May 6th