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forebay to secret lake sometime this week

forebay to secret lake sometime this week

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looking for a bed rack for a rtt

looking for a bed rack for a rtt

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planning a trip to the red creek fir

planning a trip to the red creek fir

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route to sherk lake

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walbran valley easter weekend

walbran valley easter weekend

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Ya moose, 15 km down the west man logging road will take you to where people camp on Kennedy lake.

I was at kennedy lake about 3 weeks ago and there were a couple trucks and beat up 5th wheels from alberta, who had made a real mess, cut down some small trees and were running a generator all day. Then add in the typical french canadians living in their 1998 dodge caravans, and you have a place that I'll never go back to lol.

2 days 18 hours ago in Camping near Tofino

Theres nothing close to ukee or tofino. People camp near the dump and 15km down the west main logging road.

Hope you like albertans, and French canadians.

2 days 23 hours ago in Camping near Tofino

I'm going to give you directions to a spot that will drive the renfrew locals nuts.

There are 2 lakes up in the mountains above port renfrew and avatar grove that are called "twin lakes". Its a great swim spot, with a dock and canoe that's left there all year round. The views on the way to twin lakes is also quite stunning.

From sooke you will head to port renfrew and you will want to take the gordon river main. Once you're about 20 mins up Gordon river main you will make a left on a steep road called grierson main. There are blue painted rocks on the ground at every split in the road, you just simply stay right for 3 painted rocks, then a left will take you down to the lake.

Theres also a cabin up in that area, that you can look for after you go to the lake.


3 days 1 hour ago in Easy trail for a stock 4x4 1/2 ton

Pretty much anywhere. Canadian tire, Costco, Kal tire, ect

1 week 2 days ago in Tires

Sorry guys but I have a ton of stuff to do today to prep for the next week of camping.

I'm going to PM the directions to irunica, in case you guys want to go anyways.

2 weeks 1 day ago in forebay to secret lake sometime this week