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route to sherk lake

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walbran valley easter weekend

walbran valley easter weekend

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mossy maple grove past lake cow

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mt bolduc plane crash on sunday the 12th

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prevost/sicker this afternoon

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That was painful to read.

Your grammar and spelling is worse than a Syrian refugee

6 days 7 hours ago in Hunting AND NOT GOING THREW Timberwest lands

I believe you're probably out of luck. I tried to bribe a small local shop to let me leave my tinted windows on and they wouldn't do it. Local mechanics say Canadian tire is the easiest, and thats where I went, but I don't see them looking past a cracked windshield.

Best of luck

1 week 1 day ago in out of province inspection

Just buy bfg ko2's or duratracs. I've had both when I lived back in snowy Ontario and they were a massive upgrade over all season tires. A dedicated snow tire might be a little bit better than a winter rated all terrain, but at least you're only buying one set of tires this way.

1 week 4 days ago in Winter tires for road tripping across bc and Alberta

A lot of guys stay off the real trails during fire season, and more gates are closed.

Port Renfrew has good hiking and big tree hunting. There are a few places to play with a truck on gordon river main, and off the the pacific highway route.

A backroads mapbook will be a worthwhile investment.

I highly recommend the walbran valley if you plan on camping

3 weeks 18 hours ago in Looking for moderate trails near Qualicum Beach


3 weeks 3 days ago in Drive right up to the ocean?