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planning a trip to the red creek fir

planning a trip to the red creek fir

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route to sherk lake

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walbran valley easter weekend

walbran valley easter weekend

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mossy maple grove past lake cow

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mt bolduc plane crash on sunday the 12th

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The old Franklin camp is just a ugly strip of gravel off of the main logging road. You dont want to camp here unless you have a large RV or something. Nobody will kick you out, but they will wonder why you choose such a terrible place.

If you have a 4x4 with decent ground clearance you can camp at Francis lake, or theres a cute little rec site at flora lake where you wont need 4x4.

6 days 22 hours ago in Franklin Camp (By Francis Lake)

Keep an eye on these forums. Once in a while some of us meet up for stock runs in that area.

I just moved to Victoria recently from shawnigan lake and I plan on exploring forebay main and stuff around sooke pretty soon. You'd be more than welcome to tag along with my gf and I.

2 months 3 days ago in Easy trails in Shawnigan or Cowichan this Sunday?

I'm not even exaggerating how sketchy the camping is out near san joseph bay. My gf and I ended up sharing a camp site with a single female traveling on her own because neither of us felt safe.

Garbage is dumped all over the place and tons of broken glass from people vehicles being broken into. I know I probably sound like a pussy, but I grew up in a bad area of toronto and I know a sketchy place when I see it lol.

2 months 3 weeks ago in First Time and looking for good places

I wouldn't go past port alice. I did a trip all the way up island in October and I was really disappointed with the port hardy/san Joseph bay area. San Joseph bay and the north coast trail is stunning but the camping is really bad and sketchy. There are only 2 really badly overgrown camp sites in the area and the natives from port hardy are constantly breaking into people's vehicles.

You should look up the port alice lake route. Spend a couple days exploring the logging roads and lakes in this area, then head to port Alice, gas up and re supply in port alice, then make the 2 hour trip out to side bay. Side bay is the best camp spot I have found on Vancouver island. It's a stunning and sheltered bay and you can drive right out onto the beach and camp.

3 months 5 hours ago in First Time and looking for good places

Side bay near port alice

3 months 1 week ago in First Time and looking for good places