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Jordon River to Bear Creek Reservoir

Jordon River to Bear Creek Reservoir

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Please sign this petition if you haven't already, keep the gates open!

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Jordon River Forebay Loop Trail

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Sicker Sunday, Feb 4th 2018

**UPDATED** Sicker Saturday & Sunday, Feb 3 & 4th 2018

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Hillcrest, Mt. Prevost, Mt Sicker - 2018/01/23

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Hope you have a good one!
I won't be out that way over the weekend but I am looking for somewhere to go play on Sat-Sun...

6 years 2 weeks ago in walbran valley easter weekend

You know you're having fun when this is the view out your windshield...

6 years 2 weeks ago in Some previous adventures

Hey Kaitlin, I remember telling you about the forum on FB, glad to see you decided to sign up here! :-)

I can't make Francis Lake this time due to work but it I will be looking forward to coming out for the next run...
On the bright side, it seems I now have Sat-Sun off work for the rest of the year, barring getting called in to cover for someone. 8-)
I'm getting a lot more enthusiastic about doing more 4x4ing this year now that my weekends are finally opening right up.
Happy trails!

6 years 3 weeks ago in Camping/wheeling/meetup in spring?

One of these days I'll get up to explore some of the northern parts of the island...

6 years 3 weeks ago in New to Vancouver Island

I would definitely like to go, but I'm stuck working until closing that Saturday.
I'll have to take a rain check until I can luck out and actually get a whole weekend off when there's an overnight event.
I'll probably be camping at French Beach for a night earlier that week anyway though.

6 years 1 month ago in Francis Lake camping march 24/25th