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Nanaimo back country camping spot

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Roof top tent (RTT) Sundog

Roof top tent (RTT) Sundog

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This is the entrance to oliphant, behind serious coffee. much worse in real life, nothing but 2 door lifted and tires jeeps, samurai's. ect.

Shawnigan / duncan Sat 01-06!

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On board air!

On board air!

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yea if you mean the old strip near cowichan lake, last i heard its so overgrown its like regular forest now. Ive never seen it though

2 years 10 months ago in COWICHAN RUN 28th

Nice, well I'm glad it could do some of it :) as long as you could get a lift, you could get fabricators to fab you some stuff, I know a few

3 years 1 month ago in Not So "Stock Friendly" Run with Shanergy

wow nice haha , first time i see a newer escape out in some trails!

3 years 1 month ago in Not So "Stock Friendly" Run with Shanergy

Head to cowichan lake from duncan, turnoff is on your right hand side before cowichan valley hwy meets cowichan lake road

3 years 1 month ago in shawnigan lake

i hear ya lol

3 years 2 months ago in off road registration