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New bumpers upgrade complete!

New bumpers upgrade complete!

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hello from far away!

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Survey Mountain?

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yea i hear you, i tried shawnigan area on sunday afternoon, its gated because of dryness :/ oliphant lake is "open" but the new entrance is too steep for my truck, so we didnt get to offroad much

1 week 3 days ago in New bumpers upgrade complete!

thanks! agreed haha ive barely been out at all this summer minus some normal camping here and there :/

1 week 4 days ago in New bumpers upgrade complete!

true you wouldnt want it to be shitty at the wrong time...figure warn might be overkill too though, depending on how you wheel

4 months 2 weeks ago in Smittybuilt winches

yea how are the keepers? pretty crappy?

4 months 3 weeks ago in Smittybuilt winches

did you make it all the way to the top of hill-60?

4 months 3 weeks ago in Mt. Bolduc 1944 plane crash