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Roof top tent (RTT) Sundog

Roof top tent (RTT) Sundog

Author: aaol1
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This is the entrance to oliphant, behind serious coffee. much worse in real life, nothing but 2 door lifted and tires jeeps, samurai's. ect.

Shawnigan / duncan Sat 01-06!

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On board air!

On board air!

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Jeep fab guy in nanaimo?

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Saw a beauty at the gym today..

Saw a beauty at the gym today..

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great pics! makes me want to go out...now. but im stuck in this office for 12 hours lol, sadness

6 months 2 weeks ago in Some previous adventures

yea fair enough i guess when you start adding winch and other more hardcore things, it gets up there. Man that 150 switch is pricey haha! 100$! Found one similar for 32$ if anyone is looking through this thread and looking for something a bit cheaper


6 months 4 weeks ago in theshanergy's 2012 Toyota 4Runner

ouch haha @beer-n-meat thats so much pricier than amazon, I love online shopping! But good to know we have something local

on that note, shane just curious do you know if a 150A is whats needed for the switch, or is a 100 doable ?

7 months 24 min ago in theshanergy's 2012 Toyota 4Runner

Hey thats awesome man welcome to the forum :) Cant say i know too much about courtenay area but others on here do!

7 months 1 hour ago in New to Vancouver Island

Not far from port renfrew :)

7 months 1 hour ago in Roof top tent (RTT) Sundog