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Custom/DIY COB LED Running Lamps & Light Bars on a Budget.

Custom/DIY COB LED Running Lamps & Light Bars on a Budget.

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Just Out For A Rip, Sunday Oct 1, West of Sooke/East of Renfrew

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Tugwell Lake, anyone been to it lately? Can wheelers still get there?

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Has anybody run the Backroad Maps Garmin GPS maps?

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Anyone been to Crofton Lake?

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They'll be legal as long as they are installed, wired and operated in accordance with the regulations in the MVA.
Look up the regs for vehicle lighting and make sure they're mounted and wired correctly and you're good.

I'm on the hunt for some new 2-mode amber marker/signal lamps myself.
I need something I can body mount to replace the ones that are going to go away with my old stock bumper when I get my new offroad bumper made.
I like the additional safety of a side marker lamp that doubles as a turn indicator because I almost hit a (stupid) cyclist try to pass me once on the right while I was turning right and then they got all pissed at me claiming that somehow I'm supposed to yield to them when they're the one breaking the law. Go figure. At least this way they can clearly see the indicator even if they're riding tandem ahead of my tail lights (also a stupid idea) so if they don't see it or chose to pass anyway, that's on them. The last thing I need is an idiot trying to sue me for injuries they sustained by their own negligence to ride properly, so a small investment in side marker/signal lamps and of course a dash cam system with realtime status indicators should go far to absolve me of any undue liability for the stupidity and carelessness of others.

3 years 8 months ago in BC laws, light bars, and legal driving lights.........

What was once known as Blueberry Flats has now been stripped by Timberwest and is being converted to real estate to be sold off to developers.

3 years 8 months ago in blueberry flats

One more thing to add to the list of carnage that day... ;-)

3 years 8 months ago in **UPDATED** Sicker Saturday & Sunday, Feb 3 & 4th 2018

I was taking a night photograph once at the Veterans Memorial Park fountain and had this private security guard pull up and come over to tell me the park is closed and I had to leave. I told him it's an open area with no fence or signs on site indicating that and that I would leave when I was done taking my photos. He seemed a bit irritated that I din't respect his authoritah but he just said something about by-laws blah blah blah and just turned around and left. I can respect that areas sometimes need to be closed to the public but closing 85% of the wilderness on the whole island to the public is just not acceptable to me. Private timber lands or not, the wilderness rightfully belongs to the public trust, for us all to steward and enjoy for our own recreation, and so far I haven't seen much effort by the powers that be to designate and protect any of our beloved 4x4 trails, they only seem interested in what kickbacks they can get from catering to the greed of private logging companies.

3 years 8 months ago in Looks like lots of closures this weekend...

I have been up there before but it was back in 2008-2009ish.
I went up to Rhodo Lake and Moriarty Lake in my old Tracker while doing a GPS contest and I was within a gunshot of Labor Day Lake when I finally got to the damned GPS tag on that stump in the middle of nowhere (long story short I went the wrong way and had to hike across a huge clearcut). Moriarty lake was honestly just a bug hole. Rhodo Lake is nicer and you can actually fish in it.
Mt Moriarty seems like a decent day hike, I have always wanted to go back and hoof it up there one day but my knees don't like long hikes anymore and most of my friends are not the type of people who go climb a mountain just because it's there. ;-)

3 years 8 months ago in Mt Moriarty