blueberry flats

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blueberry flats

Whats going on there.. we went past there today... saw a ton of felled trees... ?

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What was once known as Blueberry Flats has now been stripped by Timberwest and is being converted to real estate to be sold off to developers.

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The crime of course, is the provincial and federal government pension plans own Timberwest, so essentially, they are selling off the forests, and the forestry jobs, to ensure the insolvent government pension plans stay afloat, and continue to pay out far more than anyone ever contributed. Converting the South Island forests into a developer’s playground will ensure the “pension-party” carries on, while the average schmo can barely afford a roof over their heads.

And guess who gets to “approve” the conversion of the zoned industrial forest lands to residential subdivisions?........the same people who benefit from the quick buck!!!! Go figure. Don’t be fooled, we are all getting shafted by these dodgy deals and it is only going to get worse in coming years.

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I hate the government at all levels so much bros. It's crazy.

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