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Mount Benson

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From one Cody to another: as beer-n-meat has said, a totally crap time to be poking about looking for trails unless you want to set the South Island ablaze. There is nothing for wheeling close to Victoria, but west of Sooke and North of Duncan things open up more.

1 week 41 min ago in Looking for some trails!

The roads are fine. Some sections get a little potholed and have some exposed “baby heads”, but the route you are describing can be easily driven in a civic if you keep your speed reasonable. You will meet all sorts of family sedans and mini-vans taking the same route.

1 week 43 min ago in What are the roads like ?

The load index will be specific to a certain tire size and may change between tire sizes when the ply-rating does not. For instance, a certain brand and model may all be “e-rated”, but each individual size will have a specific load index that that size of tire can handle. A 285/75/16 E-rated tire may have a different load index than a 265/70/16 E-rated tire even though they are both “10-ply/E-rated”. It’s probably not a value you need to worry a whole lot about unless you know you are fitting a specific camper or plan on carrying a lot of weight. Worth looking at regardless when you are making up your mind. Google has reasonable explanations of load index on several sites.

1 month 2 weeks ago in Tires ratings are stupid.

One thing to remember is “ply ratings” don’t actually refer to the number of plies in the tire. It’s just an indication of load capacity and truly one of the most nonsense rating systems we still use for whatever reason.

I run 6-ply ”C”-rated k02s tires for a compromise. They are a little softer on the highway than 10 ply, and not as heavy so they save your fuel economy a bit as well. You can get k02s and Duratracs and several other AT tires in 6-ply depending on the specific size.

My only comment on k02 is have low expectations of them in winter even with the “snowflake” rating. In my experience they perform very poorly in snow compared to the all-season wranglers that came stock on my truck. They look great, and work well off-road, but a good tire for winter they are not, at least in my experience.

1 month 2 weeks ago in Tires ratings are stupid.

Timberwest, through its real-estate sub-company “Couverdon” is busy selling off the working forest to make executive subdivisions. Of course there is no problem getting permits and rezoning because Timberwest is owned by the Provincial Government and Federal government pension plans, both of which use company profits to fund their various bloated and unrealistic pay-outs to civil servants. Ever wonder why government pensions can afford to be so rich?........look no further than what’s happening on Vancouver Island: Get-rich-quick schemes like shipping undersized raw logs to China, and converting the forests into subdivisions.....all courtesy of your own government....operating on their “private forest lands”.

Quite literally, “the wolf is guarding the henhouse” on Vancouver Island, and it’s a corrupt system. But hey, it’s British Columbia, which by default means crooked politics, so I guess nothing is new.

I hope someday the dirty, irrational, and illegal deals that put so much of the island in “private hands” are recinded, and the books of these operations are opened for public scrutiny. Unfortunately that is unlikely to occur as long as the primary stakeholder in these companies is the government itself:

2 months 3 weeks ago in west coast road for sale ?