Drive right up to the ocean?

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Justinn Doyle
Drive right up to the ocean?

New to the forum. Bought a trailhawk.

I'm really wanting to camp right on the beach. Somewhere sandy that's not crowded like renfrew. I used to own a lancer and pre planned a trip way out to rugged point marine provincial park.

You can drive to tahsis, zebollas, or golden river and take a ferry to port Eliza. Drive up the coast a bit and find yourself a beach. Now that I have a jeep I figure I can hack my way down to the beach and actually drive to a spot I have pointed out on a map before you get to the provincial park. I will do this on a map later and post the picture.

Another option is a sandy lake and I've heard Sherk lake is a good spot. I was raised in lake cowichan and tried to find some old trails some buddy's and I drove but most of them are now gated or ditched. I was reading I think in an old post not sure if it's still closed, but the trail yo sherk lake. Is it still open?

This weekend the family and I are going to renfrew, it's for them. I prefer being secluded closer to nature and water. Wondering if there is a meet coming up in the following weekends. I would not mind hitting some old trails again and doing some off road with fellow enthusiasts.

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You can drive right onto the beach at Side Bay, west of Port Alice I think it is

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Not sure what the attraction is to “hack your way” down to a pristine wilderness beach. Sounds like you might screw up the place for the next people who are happy to walk through the woods to the beach and camp there without having to drive their Jeep there at all costs.

There is no honest beach running of any real measure on Vancouver Island. You can drive out in a couple places, but if it’s something you are obsessed with, there is opportunity in Washington State, and in Oregon, to put lots of sand miles under your tires, in areas where it is encouraged and a real thing.

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