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Armouring up

Armouring up

Author: Old smokey
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Camping/wheeling/meetup in spring?

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Bugaboo main

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Sicker easter monday

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Daaaaaamn PowTown looks awesome

3 weeks 6 hours ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Victoria transmission on Chatham and government for rebuild

4 weeks 1 day ago in Suzuki Samurai Transmission

That one had a massive washout last summer, it's likely only gotten worse too. I wouldn't take any fullsize pickup into that. Better to have a winch as well as a good gps to find that flora lake area crash.

Mt Bolduc is totally doable though, and definitely worth the trip. Lots of caves on the Gordon river area, further south but still cool to go looking for.

1 month 2 weeks ago in Gordon bay area of lake cowichan

Plenty of grinding and a coat of paint, this sucker is ready for some smashing!

2 months 1 day ago in Armouring up

I will be wheeling sooke this weekend but I might be available next Sunday or the following weekend for a Nanaimo area adventure. Depends on when my bumper arrives and how much time I have to work on the old beast

2 months 2 weeks ago in Back in the saddle again