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JR over the ridge to San Juan

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Currie Antirock

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Izuzu Trooper

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Steps wanted

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Is your ride a "magnet"?

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You get as many replies as I do when I post on this site.

All I can suggest is get out an try your planned route. Have a back up plan too......you never know.

8 months 1 week ago in Newbie Question....Port Renfrew-->Wallbran--->Bamfield-->Port Alberni

I suggest spending your coin on survival gear if you don't already have it, especially when you're ? solitary vehicle ? and out in the cold / snow.

Sleeping bags, tent, tarps, rope, extra clothing, food, fire supplies, multiple flashlights, GPS locator beacon, chain saw, shovel, and all of the other required vehicle-related items needed for vehicle recovery. And most importantly......your itinerary left with someone before you head out.

1 year 3 weeks ago in Need some advice

What exactly was identified as needing repair or correction?

1 year 7 months ago in Recent VI....

An officer can gift you with a VI for any subjective motor vehicle mod from oem stock , if he / she thinks that what you've done to your vehicle is contrary to the motor vehicle act, or, if it is deemed to not be up to standards. That's right.......a cracked windshield can be enough to receive a VI. Then the fun begins........

In a nutshell, when you initiate an inspection and attempt to get a "pass" from the vehicle inspector that you've chosen to perform the inspection, you are obliged to follow through with whatever he / she says that needs to me corrected / repaired, etc, to get a valid pass. If you do not agree with what your inspector is requesting, too bad. You cannot just start over with another inspector. You are obligated to finish the inspection with the inspector that you began with.

Think you might get a favor from your inspector and get him / her to bend the rules for you just once? Think again. Your inspection pass is in their licence, and any vehicle mechanical failure resulting in someone getting hurt can come back on them.

Bottom line.....pick your inspector wisely.

There was a long thread on VI's a while back......worth reading.

1 year 7 months ago in Recent VI....

Sounds like that thief needs a 4x4 group "tune up".

2 years 2 months ago in STOLEN!!! 2ND GEN 4RUNNER BLACK WITH SNORKEL