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Steps wanted

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Is your ride a "magnet"?

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Who owns the zuk?

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For the zuk trans kit bearings and syncros, trailgear.ca has them.
The shafts will need to come from a US zuk parts retailer.........Low Range, ZOR, Petroworks, etc......

1 week 5 hours ago in Suzuki Samurai Transmission

They are pretty simple [ comparatively speaking ] transmissions. Any reputable trans shop will do a good job if they install quality bearings, quality syncros, [ not Chinese junk ] and quality seals. If I were you, I'd consider a later version of input shaft.......they are stronger than the earlier version. Can be bought online at any of the USA zuk vendors.
Also, be sure to only use GL4 oil in the trans, as GL5 [ most common ] is not yellow-metal compatible.........in other words, it will eat the brass syncros.

3 weeks 1 day ago in Suzuki Samurai Transmission

The clutch and trans are the next weakest links. Some guys plan on a trans rebuild every few years / 100k with diesel swap.

3 weeks 3 days ago in Suzuki Samurai Transmission

You could buy the rebuild kit and DIY.

Do you have the fuel and boost turned up on the diesel? How long did the trans last with your engine swap?

3 weeks 3 days ago in Suzuki Samurai Transmission

Yep, looks great. Bumper and sliders in one.

1 month 4 weeks ago in Armouring up