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JR over the ridge to San Juan

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Currie Antirock

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Izuzu Trooper

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Steps wanted

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Is your ride a "magnet"?

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What exactly was identified as needing repair or correction?

6 days 11 hours ago in Recent VI....

An officer can gift you with a VI for any subjective motor vehicle mod from oem stock , if he / she thinks that what you've done to your vehicle is contrary to the motor vehicle act, or, if it is deemed to not be up to standards. That's right.......a cracked windshield can be enough to receive a VI. Then the fun begins........

In a nutshell, when you initiate an inspection and attempt to get a "pass" from the vehicle inspector that you've chosen to perform the inspection, you are obliged to follow through with whatever he / she says that needs to me corrected / repaired, etc, to get a valid pass. If you do not agree with what your inspector is requesting, too bad. You cannot just start over with another inspector. You are obligated to finish the inspection with the inspector that you began with.

Think you might get a favor from your inspector and get him / her to bend the rules for you just once? Think again. Your inspection pass is in their licence, and any vehicle mechanical failure resulting in someone getting hurt can come back on them.

Bottom line.....pick your inspector wisely.

There was a long thread on VI's a while back......worth reading.

6 days 11 hours ago in Recent VI....

Sounds like that thief needs a 4x4 group "tune up".

6 months 3 weeks ago in STOLEN!!! 2ND GEN 4RUNNER BLACK WITH SNORKEL

If pavement travel is what you're after.......Tofino. Great beaches, good eats, funky town. Popular spot for tourists and Islanders alike. Don't expect to be alone tho.......

Lots of day hikes / drives right from Victoria if you want the city life too....all within a couple of hours from the city center.

Want a slower pace? Fewer peeps? .......try one of the Gulf Islands........pick one..... Lots to do / explore on them too. Well worth a day.

You can get lost [ on purpose ] in the back 40 and travel the back roads for days, camp, etc, if that's your thing. Solitude is there and not difficult to find / get to.

Or, just come over and start driving.......3 days ain't long....just long enough to give you a taste of Van Island.

1 year 7 months ago in Visiting from Yakima WA

So you're looking for a vehicle inspector to be dishonest, because you are not wealthy...........lol. Good luck with that. It's their licence they'd be putting on the line in doing so.

Obtain a used windshield from an auto wrecker........install it yourself, or, get the traveling used auto glass installers to come and do it for you.

Out of province vehicles can be a "white elephant" if they are needing repairs to pass.......thus, they often come with a cheap sticker price.

1 year 8 months ago in out of province inspection