Newbie Question....Port Renfrew-->Wallbran--->Bamfield-->Port Alberni

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Ben Moore
Newbie Question....Port Renfrew-->Wallbran--->Bamfield-->Port Alberni

Hi Everyone! I -Finally- pulled the trigger and bought myself a 4Runner! (Stock TRD Offfroad, no Mods yet). New to offroading but very interested in making it a new hobby!

In a couple weeks I'm planning to head from Victoria to Tofino and would like to put the new truck to work! I've lived on the island for 10 years and frequent Tofino but have never explored everything in between.

I was planning on leaving Victoria, road driving to Port Renfrew, and then -hoping- to take logging roads from Port Renfrew through Carmanah Wallbran to Bamfield and staying the night in Bamfield. Was going to continue from Bamfield to Tofino next morning via Port Alberni. So to summarize the off-road piece:

Renfrew-->Wallbran-->Bamfield-->Port Alberni. (Is it feasible to stop at Nitinat Lake?)

So...I was looking for any wisdom from you all, things I must see, stops I should make, gate closures you may be aware of..or for that fact even if my proposed route is possible....Or if you recommend a different route? And how long do you think it would take?

I've read some other postings and plan to get the Background Mapbook that you all mention.

I plan to do this route on the Sunday/Monday of the May long weekend to remove Logging Trucks from the equation.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance with my Newbie question.


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South Island

You get as many replies as I do when I post on this site.

All I can suggest is get out an try your planned route. Have a back up plan never know.

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Ben Moore

Thanks Spokerider. Yeah honestly it was a pretty generic question and not easy to really answer either. I downloaded Gaia app and played around with the Backroads maps and learned alot and was able to plan a route and alternates. The previous posts from members were super helpful as well. Not having any idea what I'm getting into but should be fun! Thanks for your response!

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There is a Facebook group for this site, Vancouver Island Off Road with almost 3000 members. There's only so many of us that check in around here. Still lots of good info tucked away in here though.

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Nanaimo bc

its not that rough of route but ya comes out just past cameron! love the tree routes too but ya stick to back road map if you got it helps and check with forestry sites for locked gates! crap load wet up last yr

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You can't get to walbran from renfrew anymore. Bugaboo is dug up and the gordon river main is gated at the 33km mark and at the start near honeymoon bay.

Caycuse also has a police blockade so that's a no go as well.

You're going to want to go through youbou as if you were going to nitinat lake.

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