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its not that rough of route but ya comes out just past cameron! love the tree routes too but ya stick to back road map if you got it helps and check with forestry sites for locked gates! crap load wet up last yr

1 week 5 days ago in Newbie Question....Port Renfrew-->Wallbran--->Bamfield-->Port Alberni

welcome Juan. this my third new vehicle im scratching up and life is way too short to not have some fun driving my truck now😎

1 week 5 days ago in New to the group

condolences and he will rock on! RIP

3 months 1 week ago in *MISSING PERSON*

Reality is they don’t want trucks and people mixing so weekend only entry on website as suggested! They closed the gate at 5 pm last time I was there and Had found another site outside that area. Many roads aren’t accessible but a lot are! Take your time easier to leave area when trucking than coming in! Just saying 😀! Don’t get in their way and move over let them pass! 😀 easier on weekends just have to run into crazy drivers 🤪!! I didn’t do it😂

10 months 3 weeks ago in Long weekend Camping anyone?

Haha I got locked out of gate because I dillydallied my way up there. And the gate was locked and there is two guys and a TV the passenger was drunk. He came out and said the asshole just lock the gate! I went up story of my life. So I went wandering around and I found Lowery Lake! at the end of our lake is all cut off now and of course I meet up with these two ATV again!! At this point I chated with sober driver as I watched his friend roll big rock down hill and him after it! Lmao !! He gets up!! Im ok lol !!! I think he was funny as hell!! His buddy going what the heck going swimming for lol! Didn’t see him roll head over heals lol!! and left them and found great place alone stamp river I think lol !! No idea but I got there !!i just got home!!

1 year 3 weeks ago in Long weekend Camping anyone?