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2020 dodge ram 4x4 sold her😢 metastatic breast cancer moved bones

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Get some 10 ply tires, always give someone back home your route if u go alone, always bring emergency and first aid kit include lighter or fire starter, water and food and blanket, always bring good hiking boots and rain gear. Keep your simple stock of essential for car, if you can get portable air compressors and tire kit do so; of course spare tire and jack.
Take your time if you don’t know trails then after you get the gist…..giver!!!! Most important have FUN! And boing the shit out of the shocks! You bought to enjoy it few scratches are worth the experience 😄!

1 year 4 months ago in Bear Creek Reservoir

Nice ride. I have classic 1500 dodge hemi with stock and it rocked for me this summer I put some 10 ply and older titanium rims had a gas. Up island has a lot more open gates be thankful for that. Im checking out free campsites last week tried to find Junction pool and it was old over grown blocked by many logs. So went back and found twolis lake did some fishing. Back roads maps are so out dated and sites and trails map site for bc maps are mostly accessible. All part of the fun exploring even if cant find site always new sites to see. Welcome to island!!! Get diggin!

2 years 5 months ago in New to the island

Hey fireban lifted up island go
For it had a blast last weekend

2 years 5 months ago in New to the site and island looking to explore

Up island fire ban lifted and no gates

2 years 5 months ago in New to the island

North island fire ban lifted went to sayward some great trails up there and get no gates

2 years 5 months ago in Bear Creek Reservoir