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There are no open campfires allowed anywhere on island, even west coast is struggling with drought. Sweet rides. Bring some extra flashlights and solar lights bring along a lot of cold food to eat that doesn’t need cooking. If you have gas stove great but remember it’s this simple cigarette or accidents with any fire utensils. So if I’m backroad camping fire season, I don’t bring any fire at all. There are many roads but most are well traveled and logging is active up there so look at bc logging road closures as well. Western forest up north and mosaic south both have web sites for their logging roads and closures. It is an amazing drive up island and highways are so gorgeous it just makes for wonderful road trip. San josef is great but road is full of giant pot holes this I past Holberg. Only gas for your vehicle is on east coast island as holberg has no gas station. And a blip lol. Radio if you have it to travel on weekdays logging trucks have right of way and all I for on there site. If you smoke keep your windows closed and if you stop for smoke keep can or container for your butts not only to smoke over but ensure no sparks get away . Yes to back road map but I also found imap app for free when off line works but best is Garmin of course.

Yes it has rained but not enough to feed the forest and rivers. No open fire pits at all. Sayward has fire out of control human error that’s north of Campbell river. So read local news and Twitter seems to catch up better than bc wildfire site. Incidentally that site tells you what is allowed and not for campfires.
Campfires have only been lifted for Haida Gwaii in our coastal region.

Backroading up there also note it is very expensive to get your vehicle towed and very few places to tow it to. Also note there is no cell service is very scare in many parts of north west coast.

I had fabulous time roaming from san josef to winter harbour raft cove oh so many others I moved one day to next and still want check out so much more. Tahsis is amazing drive as well Leiner river free Rec site is dream in spring and fall with fishing. You will
Love our island but please heed the warning when we say not time yet it’s not. Besides the tourist season is here full swing and everyone and anyone running to sun on west coast and up island. Pick time of year tourist are fewer it’s more enjoyable all around. Lots of traffic up there last year year but no we’re near traffic headed up now as I have relatives up there.
No way do I wanna get caught in backroads during fire season there are no escapes.
Wait for fire rating to change it’s just safer all around. But give it a go if you know how to not leave a spark! It is wonderland for sure.


5 months 1 week ago in New to the site and island looking to explore

had my trip last year up to quatsino sound stopped by grapple yarder in the middle of road even though site said open! i will call first wfp company next trip im planing there, (as i go alone) to ensure their website details are accurate!
stayed at san josef and winter harbour raft cove gorgeous up there! people were amazing but watch for thieves! wfp has web for roads but also phone too call just incase! i took chance lol goober i was but thats what adventure is all about😎

7 months 2 days ago in Side Bay Access?

its not that rough of route but ya comes out just past cameron! love the tree routes too but ya stick to back road map if you got it helps and check with forestry sites for locked gates! crap load wet up last yr

7 months 2 weeks ago in Newbie Question....Port Renfrew-->Wallbran--->Bamfield-->Port Alberni

welcome Juan. this my third new vehicle im scratching up and life is way too short to not have some fun driving my truck now😎

7 months 2 weeks ago in New to the group

condolences and he will rock on! RIP

10 months 1 week ago in *MISSING PERSON*