Side Bay Access?

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Matt P
Side Bay Access?

Hey team! First time posting here.

Just sold my 2015 Colorado and picked up the 2021 ZR2. The wife and I are wanting to do some exploring in the new rig.

I’ve decided on side bay, but there’s been some news articles from Sept 2020 talking about the access being deactivated.

We were really hoping of camping on the beach in the new truck tent. Has anyone been recently? Can anyone confirm you can access the beach? Be a helluva drive to be disappointed.

Any info would be greatly appreciated from us. Thanks 😊

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Nanaimo bc

had my trip last year up to quatsino sound stopped by grapple yarder in the middle of road even though site said open! i will call first wfp company next trip im planing there, (as i go alone) to ensure their website details are accurate!
stayed at san josef and winter harbour raft cove gorgeous up there! people were amazing but watch for thieves! wfp has web for roads but also phone too call just incase! i took chance lol goober i was but thats what adventure is all about😎

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