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New to the group


My name is John or Juan and I am very new to the off road scene. I've been wanting to get out and explore more of the island so I ended up purchasing a Jeep, now here I am. Just looking forward to making new connections and going out with like-minded people. I know I probably shouldn't have bought a newer vehicle for my first off-road rig but it is what it is, still looking forward to building it up.

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Hello Juan welcome to the site. There is still plenty of fun to be had with a ride like yours but you may scratch it lol!
Port Alberni area is a paradise for offroading activities from what I hear.
My rig wouldn't make it that far north but if you ever plan to come south I'm sure a few of us would be happy to come out for a trip.

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Haha yeah, little bit nervous but all part of the fun I suppose. I'm not too worried, just gotta pick my battles.
From what I know, there is quite a few roads and trails in my area but definitely would want to explore more of the island come later on.

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Tom OConnor
Eatonville, WA

I'm new to the group also, and have very little off-road experience, but I have always wanted to go off-roading and always have wanted to spend summers in BC, but with border still closed, it will probably be another year, but will following the forum closely, Thanks

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Welcome, Juan & Tom!

Tom, there's a ton of amazing exploring to do in WA and OR! We're very lucky to live in BC, but I'm also jealous of the trail systems in the US.

Juan, I'd recommend you pickup a Back Roads Map Book. You can get them at Canadian Tire or most gas stations. You can also get the Gaia phone app and download the BRMB maps there (if you upgrade the app). It's the best way to find places to explore on the island. There's a ton in your area.

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Nanaimo bc

welcome Juan. this my third new vehicle im scratching up and life is way too short to not have some fun driving my truck now😎

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