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It's nearly time for a new battery before a winch and I'm not sure which I should get. I've heard that the Optima's are still a good battery but not what they used to be. What are you folks running for power in your trucks? I want something good that will last and be reliable for years to come. Also, do you think it's worth going to a high amp alternator to run an 8000 pound winch?

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North Cowichan

I don't think I've ever had a battery go bad that I didn't neglect, and I usually just get the cheapo Canadian tire batteries. Winching takes a lot of juice but realistically it's only for a very short duration so just about any battery will do it. That said, my ideal setup would be two optimas - one redtop for starting and winching, and a yellowtop for all lights and accessories. Then a charge controller/isolator to let you draw down the deep cycle without stealing juice from your starter. That would be the setup!

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Red top or yellow top Optima is still industry leader.

Not sure what AMP alternator you're running now but obviously a higher AMP alternator is a better option for more than just one reason.

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Bought a Motomaster Ultra AGM a couple years ago, really happy with it. Zero maintenance, can be mounted in any orientation, good for deep cycle use. Nice thing with Motomaster is the warranty. At the time they were about $130 for a Group 27 equivalent, now they are around $200 I think.

Cheap option is a lead-acid Kirkland battery, never bought one but I hear they are solid and you can't go wrong with Costco's return policy.

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