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Drive right up to the ocean?

Author: JustinCider
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Everytime I come back I'm lost for words. Maybe hack was the wrong use of wording but regardless I'm not about to log my way through Bush to get to a beach. If I have to move some brush or debris to get to where I'm going no problem. I've found a trail at port renfrew where I pull my family up pretty much on the beach. The drift wood pretty much blocks your way. Which is good since you'd most likely get stuck. Jordan river right beside the RV camp you can drive right up onto the beach as well.

I'm not sure what type of impressions you recieved but I respect the land the I live on. I just enjoy camping on the beaches here with my family. Seen a spot on satellite up island that I wanted to check out and see if I can "hack" through a small area (remove debris and brush) to get to the beach to camp. Pretty sure this is how all 4x4 trails are started excluding logging roads.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

3 years 7 months ago in Drive right up to the ocean?