Looks like lots of closures this weekend...

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Patrick Fisher
Mill Bay
Looks like lots of closures this weekend...

Took a look at the timberwest blog, it looks like a lot of closures because of weather/washouts etc...


Hope this doesn't affect too many..

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thanks for the update! really appreciate that, helpful to many members im sure :)

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No such thing as closures. LOL

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I was taking a night photograph once at the Veterans Memorial Park fountain and had this private security guard pull up and come over to tell me the park is closed and I had to leave. I told him it's an open area with no fence or signs on site indicating that and that I would leave when I was done taking my photos. He seemed a bit irritated that I din't respect his authoritah but he just said something about by-laws blah blah blah and just turned around and left. I can respect that areas sometimes need to be closed to the public but closing 85% of the wilderness on the whole island to the public is just not acceptable to me. Private timber lands or not, the wilderness rightfully belongs to the public trust, for us all to steward and enjoy for our own recreation, and so far I haven't seen much effort by the powers that be to designate and protect any of our beloved 4x4 trails, they only seem interested in what kickbacks they can get from catering to the greed of private logging companies.

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Daryl Suen

I think I read somewhere that the logging companies aquired all that land in some shady deals with the E&N Railraod and some deals with some dirty politicians long ago. It should probably be crown land and, from what I've seen working in the forest on the Island, the logging companies are not good stewards of the land.

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