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last weekends snow day

last weekends snow day

Author: Jay
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My Jeep JKU

Author: Jay
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Sat's trip up to an old air strip

Sat's trip up to an old air strip

Author: Jay
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Updated 1 year 6 months ago by The Yoman

Top Off

Author: Jay
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Jeep parts

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you wont get through anderson anymore

2 weeks 5 days ago in Sunday Sooke run

Yes there is

2 weeks 5 days ago in Jordan river / Northmain

Lots of stock rigs get up to tugwell, its pretty easy to get up there.

4 months 1 week ago in Tugwell Lake, anyone been to it lately? Can wheelers still get there?

I have also been using BCN for a couple years now. It works great for the cost. I run it on a tablet mounted in front of my rear view mirror.
I have it mounted in the same place in the XJ

4 months 1 week ago in Has anybody run the Backroad Maps Garmin GPS maps?

There is a dedicated ch. we use them to communicate between rigs all day long. used to use CBs, but they kinda suck in comparison. The VHF can also be used in emergencies.

4 months 2 weeks ago in Summertime Access in Cowichan valley?