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92 Pathfinder

New member, Nanaimo area, decent rig!

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Cool Shots! Looks like some really fun wheeling terrain, is this in the comox valley?

4 years 1 month ago in B&M's XJ fun.

Great shots! Love the edit on the last one. Drone footage would be unreal.

Awesome to see big crews heading out, thanks for sharing the experience!
love the carnage report lol

One more wheel bearing to do then I gotta check out more of the south island routes..

4 years 2 months ago in Sat's trip up to an old air strip

Nice truck! Ive seem this rig around before!

I drive a white 92 path with 4" trailmaster lift.

How's it been running the 35s?
Is this just a wheelin rig or does it see some daily driving?

4 years 2 months ago in Any Nissan 4x4 Fans?- My 1997 Pathfinder Project

Hey brother, that sounds awesome!

My rig is more set up for overland expedition usage however I'm not afraid of tight trails. I keep up to most jeeps on 33s but I am open diff till I bite the bullet and get a detroit.

Anyway let me know, sounds fun and I'll try and make it!


4 years 2 months ago in New member, Nanaimo area, decent rig!