Sat's trip up to an old air strip

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Sat's trip up to an old air strip

We had a good group out yesterday,
6 x JKU's
1x JK
2x XJ
2 X TJ
We went in the trail by Hill 60 on a trail called Fuck your Mirror, we then ran down the FSR to a new trail a buddy is clearing and check it out. pretty fun.
Then we ran over to run a trail called Burnt Clutch, we got tied up there for a while cause a buddy's fuel pump kicked it in, So we had to winch him up to the road.
We then ran a nice tight quad trail for a while after that. Think we had 3 jeep jk doors get crunched on this trail.
Then we ran over to a washout that brought us to an old forestry airstrip at the top of the mtn. it was pretty cool to be flat up there. it was pretty high about lake cowichan.
some random pics from the day.

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ill post more as they come, a buddy had some drone footage up top as well

total carnage for the day was
3 doors crunched
few bent tie rods
dead fuel pump
some smoky clutches and breaks

so all in all a pretty light day

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Looks great. Never been there. Will have to check it out.

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Oak Bay

Do you guys have the gps route? I'd love to see it on a map!

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sorry, i didnt have mine on last weekend.

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Matthew Yeomans

Great shots! Love the edit on the last one. Drone footage would be unreal.

Awesome to see big crews heading out, thanks for sharing the experience!
love the carnage report lol

One more wheel bearing to do then I gotta check out more of the south island routes..

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