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Actual club!

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Just another crummy day

Just another crummy day

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Awesome....will be getting out to the woods sometime during my Xmas holidays...

2 months 6 days ago in Snow is starting to accumulate

Hey Lauchlin, Agreed, you know your stuff. Thanks. Lets just say my military experience was the old C42's that had tubes!!! So Vanisle, what is you hand held?. I don't want one hard wired into the JK.

2 months 4 weeks ago in VHF radio

Hey B&M, are the hand held any good? My only real radio experience is Military and was awhile back.

3 months 3 days ago in VHF radio

Anyone still using CB?

3 months 4 days ago in VHF radio

Driving time from Langford?

3 months 6 days ago in Mount Bolduc Ventura Crash Site