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Back roads open?

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Tinted rear soft top for TJ, I think.

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Actual club!

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So there seems to be new talk of open gates! I haven’t seen the latest on this site about it yet. Any fresh news? Also... I’ve been told that if you’re a member of Victoria fish and game, you may be able to acquire a gay key, like the one I have for eagle mountain in Coquitlam.

3 weeks 6 days ago in Please sign this petition if you haven't already, keep the gates open!

Stupid spell check.....

9 months 2 weeks ago in Smittybuilt winches

B&M you nailed it. Seems the more we use this stuff it doesn't have a chance to corrode or seize. Launching also has it right when it comes to preventative maintenance. After over 3 years of service it's time for a tear down and clean and service. Thanks folks.

9 months 3 weeks ago in Smittybuilt winches

I know this is an old post but want to put in my 2 cents. My M38's and M38A1's all had military tires which I loved the toughness of. My first set of tires for my long wheelbase Samurai was a bias ply tube type Jeep Service Tire from Bridgestone. Except for the noise it was an awesome tire. If I ever get another flat fender that's what I'll run.

9 months 3 weeks ago in tires whats all the fuss?

All though I'm a Warn guy, finances put me into a Costco Champion 10,000 pounder. Going on year 4 of use and abuse and still pulling strong.

9 months 3 weeks ago in Smittybuilt winches