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Glenn Bint

Seen more and more doors off lately. Something I don’t know?

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I was readings on instagram that it's illegal in bc to take the doors off your jeep, even if you replace the doors with those sort of tube like doors.

Don't quote me though.

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MVAR Division 7.09 (1) outlines the standards for the safety and repair of vehicles. In the associated schedule to
MVAR Division 7.09(1), section 11 states:

“Doors shall be installed in a vehicle where the vehicle was manufactured with doors. The doors with
which a vehicle is equipped shall be in good working order, and any hinge, latch, or handle must not
be missing, broken or inoperable.”

In British Columbia all vehicles manufactured with doors as original equipment MUST have all doors properly
attached and functioning as described above while operating on highway to be in compliance with MVAR Division
7.09 (1). CVSE has determined that ONLY the Jeep “CJ” model manufactured prior to 1986 may have been
manufactured without doors as original equipment.

Aftermarket doors are not a legal substitution.

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Glenn Bint

Also, the M38 and M38A1 is allowed to be doorless. I have passed only a handful of them for bc inspections in the 18 years I’ve been doing this on bc. You can, however, have official Jeep accessory half doors. Stupid money though. Still, as I said, I’m seeing a lot of jeeps with doors off. Guess it’s like any other road rule, break it enough times and you’re going to get caught.

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