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Genine Turnbull
out of province inspection

i have a 2002 yukon denail that is registered in alberta , it has a crack in the top winshield so im having trouble getting it to pass in order to register it out here . im a single parent with low income so fixing the windshield is not possible atm . im hoping to find somewhere that is a bit more easier so that i can pass it so i can continue to get around .. if you could point me in the right direction that would be great

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I believe you're probably out of luck. I tried to bribe a small local shop to let me leave my tinted windows on and they wouldn't do it. Local mechanics say Canadian tire is the easiest, and thats where I went, but I don't see them looking past a cracked windshield.

Best of luck

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So you're looking for a vehicle inspector to be dishonest, because you are not wealthy...........lol. Good luck with that. It's their licence they'd be putting on the line in doing so.

Obtain a used windshield from an auto wrecker........install it yourself, or, get the traveling used auto glass installers to come and do it for you.

Out of province vehicles can be a "white elephant" if they are needing repairs to pass.......thus, they often come with a cheap sticker price.

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Probably going to be an uphill ride for you getting an authorized and license shop/mechanic to lie and put his livelihood on the line. The inspections also cover many other things so you should be aware that they may find other stuff. Good luck.

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Glenn Bint

I do inspections and can tell you your not going to get around it. No one is willing to risk loosing their designation over one inspection. I’ve turned down some serious cash in the past. Usually taxi or big rig looking for last minute passes.

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