Back roads open?

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Glenn Bint
Back roads open?

Anyone know if any trails opened up with the rain we had?

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Back to regular business...mains are open but....

"Unauthorized Access or Suspicious Activities

Unauthorized access, at any time, will not be tolerated.

Unless otherwise authorized, ATV's and Snow Mobiles are not permitted on Island Timberlands Property. In addition, campfires, camping and off-roading are not permitted. Please respect the environment and keep your vehicles on the main travelled roads at all times."

If you're going to be travelling off of the mains, which I assume you want to when you say "trails"....just be smart about it.

This is standing order and has been for years, don't expect it to change for a long time 8(

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Welcome to Vancouver Island, where you're made to feel like a criminal for wanting to enjoy the wilderness from the comfort of your driver seat..

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haha rob nice one, yea didnt realize mains were closed went to shawny a few weeks ago, sure enough locked out ( havent had a chance to go out all summer)

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