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Happy Canada Day!!

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Maxsa Traction Boards

MAXSA Innovations, Escaper Buddy Orange Traction Mat

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Nanaimo Lakes and Green Mountian winter access

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I have heard she looks better when she flexes.

5 months 1 week ago in Saw a beauty at the gym today..

I feel like that's the island lifestyle to Sam, people over here seem way more relaxed towards everything.

Except the timber companies....

6 months 1 week ago in BC laws, light bars, and legal driving lights.........

My understanding is that all external led lights need it be covered when driving on paved roads. However 6 months after I installed my pods I have yet to have any issues.

6 months 2 weeks ago in BC laws, light bars, and legal driving lights.........

I never have gotten back there! It's on the list of things but keeps getting bumped down as it's more of a day trip. Maybe I'll head there sunday....

6 months 2 weeks ago in Had a little fun in Duncan

Carmanawalbran is an amazing place, both the northern area with the true park by nitmat lake and the southern end. There's some seriously impressive trees and board walks there.

6 months 3 weeks ago in mossy maple grove past lake cow