planning a trip to the red creek fir

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planning a trip to the red creek fir

On Saturday or Sunday I'm going to make a trip to the largest douglas fir in the world. If anyone would like to tag along you are more than welcome. 4x4 is not needed but you may have branches and bushes brushing up against your vehicle.

I've only gone here once about 2 years ago, so I can't promise I won't take a wrong turn or two :)

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Fantastic trip would recommend to anyone. Hopefully they didn't log too much across from it as they had definitely started when I was there last. Post some pics of the trip when your done and thanks for the trip info..need more ppl that post trips!

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Fred schnipper
Victoria bc

Great trip there even the san Juan rec site to camp if ya wanna make it a weekend not too far from it right on the water

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